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Keychain Ring Weaving??? Answered

I have seen many chainmaille instructables,
but all of them use thick rings with complicated sizes, thickness and blah blah blah...
Does anyone know a weave/chain pattern (similar to chainmaille) that can be made using thin-er rings (i have small thin rings that are like Keychain Rings)

~~{ill post pictures of the rings i have for you to see, but i cant right now}~~



Yeah if their like the ones that open on the inside, like what you put your keys on, you could easily make a European weave by slipping the rings all together. I've actually thought of this, because when you use regular rings (I've always used either copper or aluminum) the closures can be sloppy and unreliable if you don't cut them perfect. So if you can use the key chain rings to make something cool do it :) make an Instructable and show us! :)

Thanks -- that reminds me I need to finish the book mark I started weaving during a Girl Scouts fabric art day. (Wish I'd started sooner; doing it reminded me of things I could have better explained to the kids.)

If you're familiar with making chainmaille, there is a very simple technique to make a simple little keychain. The size of the rings doesn't really matter, but the smaller you get, the harder it is to connect the rings properly (you run out of room very quickly).

Basically, you take the start of chainmaille, lay it out nice and flat, and then fold it over on itself. Then taking a new ring, simply add a fourth ring on the backside. Start at one end, and go down the length of your keychain. The shiny silver is normal chainmail size, and the smaller wire is about how small I could make the loops go and still fit them together.

Also, one other note, you accidently posted your question twice, please delete the duplicate.


I may be mistaken, but I don't think he wants to make a keychain, he HAS the split-rings from keychains, and wants a weave that works with their AR.

Almost all sheet weaves will work with larger diameter (larger aspect ratio) rings, they just may not lay flat.

Basic 4-in-1 sheet weave will work fine with keychain rings. Some of the CHAINS like captured inverted round, or persian, or etc, require a very specific aspect ratio of diameter to wire size, or it won't be tight/loose enough.

If in doubt, MEASURE your rings, find their aspect ratio, and find a weave that works with that AR in the many many references online.