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Kid wins $10k for K'NEX rollercoaster Answered

Ian Culhane won $10,000 for designing a 7-foot-tall toy roller coaster. Not bad for a 10-year-old.

"It's money for college," the aspiring engineer from Olympia, Wash., said Thursday about the savings bond.

Ian's creation was on display at the Toys "R" Us store in Times Square, where he accepted the prize from the president of K'NEX Brands, a building toy company in Hatfield, Pa.

The boy, who first started playing with building sets when he was 4, was one of thousands of children ages 6 to 12 who entered the annual contest.

Ian began the project last summer, using 6,000 plastic parts from his collection of 15,000 to assemble the roller coaster, which runs through the body of a dragon.

Two months ago, his parents packed it up and shipped it off for the contest. Just recently, his parents told him he won.

"It was like, whoa! Huh? I didn't think I'd win, 'cause there were so many other good ones," he said.

A panel of judges comprised of K'NEX employees selected semifinalists based on the creativity, uniqueness and detail of the projects. It had to be made exclusively from K'NEX parts.

An online vote determined 10 winners and Joel Glickman, an inventor with the toy company, chose Ian as the grand prize winner. The nine others each won $1,000 savings bonds.

In New York for the first time, Ian, his 14-year-old sister and their parents stayed at a hotel he called "pretty fancy for us. We always stay at a Motel 6."

While he was disappointed he couldn't spend any of the prize money, his father, a hydrogeologist, gave him $100 to spend at a toy store.

What will he buy? More plastic building parts.



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What? No video?

It looks cool in the still, but we need to see it running.

Contact this child, tell him he has to do an Instructable and run a few workshops to educate certain people that there is more to K'Nex than guns and bad spelling.

The video center on www.knex.com. And yes I agree with what you have to say.

Yes, there is like, a hundred groups for guns made from knex. I still don't get why they are popular. Not that they are terribly annoying, but they are all the same thing.

A lot of us who have been here a while know that they are all the same. It's just that the new people have no idea and think theirs are better and we try to tell them but they don't listen. >< See good grammar :P

It would be nice, as Kiteman said, if they was more than just guns. Heck, I might be convinced to buy a tub if someone actually showed me something worthwhile.

Trainman2000 has ball machines if that interests you. Glitched has transformers too.

Oh and even further off topic, I loved the magic wallet. I made two and sold one to a friend for $1.25. And I'm thinking of making a Jacob's ladder wallet.

And excessive exclamation points...With ones between them....Those are the worst....

IDK but that one was -5 minutes ago??

Ok LOL when i checked on this it was posted -2 minutes ago. =)

I entered the contest, and got to the finals. i did'nt get enough people to vote for me though (sigh).

i know i shouldnt do this and its an old thread, but bump! dsman needs to see this.

lol, this is cool. thats really good for a kid who is only 12. sadly i can't enter, stupid age limits lol.


10 years ago

I thought k'nex guns were so popular on Instructables largely because it's the only forum for k'nex that doesn't forbid "guns." But yeah, it would be nice to have non-gun k'nex stuff here too. Too bad "cyber-knex" sort of fell through :-(

There is a reason for the block-knex greasemonkey script.

I saw this on the news. I was going to post a topic, but I never did.

I thought some K'nex fanatic would post this saying "Ths iz no a gune, knex r olny 4 teh gunz!".

Seriously though, That's impressive.

BTW we need a comment edit thing, that way I don't have so many after-thoughts!