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Kids!! What makes you want to start the day?? Answered

Instead of letting the moms of the world plot against you, why not have YOUR say?




i'am from algeria and i don't do inthing even now

My oldest loves to get up and go fishing. My youngest lves to sleep in and then lazily drink some hot chocolate (but mostly just eat he whip cream on top)

Haha! Love this! :D


4 years ago


The consolation of going back to bed. And duct tape.

a good book and duct tape

havin my hot chocolate in the middel of winter at 6:30 in the morning

The smell of sausage!

Although it IS weird, but GOING TO SCHOOL! There is quite a lot to do after and during it, so if you attend everything you want to, it give some meaning to waking up. Actually it gives you so much of meaning in life you'll start rushing homework a week ahead, simply to be able to:
1) Have a Maths Analysis/ Chocolate/ Caramel/Derivative feast on Monday (back home at 7:30)
2) Sorry, nothing today...
3) Measure the speed of light and then go to the theatre on Wednesday (Starts at 7, so back home at around 11...)
4) Make a circular ball accelerator and learn some Physics on Thursday (Home at 7, maybe)
5) Decorate the school and make 200 floaties on Friday
6) There's a great big party with a play and games and tea and loads of good people on Saturday...
Oh, and I also get to do some DIY and take part in Major Politics, as well as squeeze some Physics in between. What's wrong with forgetting History homework at home sometimes?