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Killing Mosquitos with Auto Targeting LASERS! Answered

Houston, we have bug zappers! No really, just this time with lasers! I was surfing through Hack-a-Day, and I came across this. These devices identify a mosquito by the frequency of its beating wings. Once identified, the device aims a laser and destroys the little blood sucker. That seems simple enough, so:
Do you think that this could be accomplished by a DIY for under $100? think about, we may have a really useful Instructable on our hands.


Can it be tuned to the same frequency as certain co-workers? :)

I can see that coming in handy. Tune it too the frequency of brain waves of employees misbehaving too.

....what if it detects the frequency of the skeeter's flapping wings while it's on your skin? youch or yuck...

"The energy levels and light frequencies used are not capable of damaging human tissue, but even so, we’ve built in safeguards that ensure that the system doesn’t fire when anything much larger than a mosquito is in the photonic fence."

Haha, this is an awesome idea. Practical, maybe not, but awesome none the less.

One of these could be put together by combining three different existing 'ibles, though targeting them could be tricky, I wonder does any part of them fluoresce under blacklights?

That is so cool! I want one! :P