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KipKay in the New York Times Answered

Kipkay gets a nice mention in this New York Times piece Making Money, the How-To Way. Congratulations!

Learning how to turn a flashlight into a laser is not a top priority for most people. Yet Kip Kedersha's step-by-step instructional video that teaches how to do just that has been seen online by more people (1.88 million) than live in Manhattan (about 1.6 million).

Mr. Kedersha's online library of 94 videos includes tips on how to chill a Coke in two minutes, simulate a gunshot wound and start up a PC quickly.


There have been numerous articles about the DIY lately in the New York Times (2), but I was surprised neither one mentioned Instructables, even though none of the other sites were as well developed. But the others were about how-to videos, so I guess that's why.

Instructables is the god of DIY. How dare they not mention it!

Cool! You guys at instructables have been on the radio a couple of times which is pretty cool :)


10 years ago

and start up a PC quickly.

-I've gotta see this one! =)

One way to do this is to not have useless or rarely used programs starting at boot time...if you trim it down to like 5 or less really necessary things, you would be surprised at how fast it shuts down and comes back up, especially after signon.

Wait.... How to start up a computer, quickly. I start mine ever so quickly by pressing the on button. =)

Well, I rarely turn it off that far, but a reboot (sometimes known as a warm start) comes back up much more quickly when you don't have to load in the entire national archive :-p


10 years ago

For those of us across the pond, that's about one-and-three-quarters Birminghams, more than a quarter of a London, two Volgograds, roughly one Budapest or one and a bit Hamburgs :) Nice going KipKay!

Oh neat! If you read this KipKay, congratulations!