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Kitchen sink won't drain, seems like there is an obstruction. Liquid drain cleaners have not worked. Answered

This issue is with the left side of a double kitchen sink, which will not drain at all. The right side drains fine. We do not have a garbage disposal or dishwasher. Liquid drain cleaners have not worked. My husband used a snake in the sink, it only went in about an inch and it felt like it was hitting something very hard like metal all th way around. What could be the problem?



3 years ago

Id check the continuous waste arm on the drain. As it goes into the baffel tee, it usually gets stopped up there.


3 years ago

People often pour stuff down drains that they shouldn't. Just because its liquid when it's warm doesn't mean it's going to stay liquid. Grease is a prime example of that. Hopefully the clog limited itself to just that one drain and didn't coat the rest of the line.

Obviously you have something jammed in there. May want to remove the trap and see whats in there. The U trap should be removable and should only be hand tight.

Thanks, it was a simple fix. Lesson learned do not use the kitchen sink for soap making. It hardens and fills the pipe.


That should have been your first action before resorting to dodgy chemicals. Make sure you have a bucket or large basin under the U trap when you open it, and wear rubber gloves, because it will still be full of the chemicals you poured down it (also, "hand tight" is a very variable value, the gloves will give you extra grip).

Step 1: get some old towels and a bucket.

Step 2: empty the space under the sink.

Step 3: place towels and bucket under the trap.

Step 4: unscrew the connection on the trap going to the drain pie and at the sink.

Step 5: wiggle a bit and pull the trap out - remaining water and debris will hit you so make sure the sink is not filled with water.

Step 6: look into the trap to lacte the blockage.

Step 7: use tools or if you are brave enough fingers to remove what is inside the trap.

Step 8: go from step 5 back up, make sure rubber rings and seals are in good nick and in the right place, replace worn and brittle ones.