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Kite design for aerial photography? Answered

After getting a little KAP rig together, it weighs in at just under 300g.

In fairly low winds (5mph say) What sort of kite is able to lift that mass?
Will my current delta do the trick? (100cm span).

I know that this is a very broad topic for discussion and it is full of complexities, requiring me to use my initiative - I am up for the challenge!


Are you using an RC radio and receiver to trip the shutter or what method are you thinking of using?

If you're willing to go RC then get a copy of Make magazine #16 or go on their web site "makezine.com" and look up page #108. It shows a great way to control a camera using RC. You probably only need the shutter trip mech.

I had the same question when I made my KAP rig. Specifically Step 11 talks about wind speed.

There's no rules as to which kite you use, but the delta conyne is the popular choice for lift, stability, and simplicity.

I have never tried KAP myself, but I would doubt that a 1m delta could lift 300g in a 5mph wind.

The only KAP rig I have seen in the flesh ripstop was a delta twice that width.

From my reading, the "traditional" camera kite seems to be a single or double delta conyne at least six feet wide.  Other kites use include rokkaku and flowforms.

If you have a rig that orients itself (instead of being linked to the kite's frame), you could use an airfoil kite.  I wonder if a rig could be fitted to a kite like a Flexifoil Stacker 6, Proteam 8 or Super 10 - being able to steer the kite would be an enormous advantage (although power kites often land hard, which would not be good for a camera).

I just knew you'd have a seasoned opinion.

Where's "Kiteman" when we need him?