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Kiteboard/Wakeboard question? Answered

Hi! I live on a boat, and have recently become interested in wakeboarding.  In the marina we are at, there are a lot of kids. I want to buy something that we can all wakeboard on. We wouldn't be using it for kiteboarding at all. I know with wakeboards, you have to buy boots, but I have huge feet, and all the other kids have small feet. With a kiteboard, you can just slip your feet in and tighten the straps. There are many kinds of kitebards, and many kinds of wakeboards. I'm pretty sure wakeboards are less expensive, but more expensive in the long run because you have to buy new boots. Kite boards are more expensive, but you never have to buy boots. So, what do I buy?


Wakeboard and use this instructable.  Or do something similar.  You probably would want to make it adjustable.

Okay, let me just ask this: how did you find this question? It's not listed on the recent answers page. I think it's a bug local to my computer...

I clicked Answers then unanswered then water then Kiteboard/Wakeboard question.

I just clicked on questions under shortcuts and there it was.