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Kiteman Recommends: This is True! Answered

If you like Little Brother, you like this;

I have been receiving This is True! every Friday for quite some time now. The author, Randy Cassingham, collates current stories from across the world that make you sit back and go WHAT?, laugh out loud and get outraged, sometimes all in the same article.

This week's issue includes a child interviewed by the police after being snitched on by a librarian (a lot of comment on this one); an age restriction on teaspoons; a teenage thief caught after a trouser accident and a drug-smuggler refusing life-saving surgery.

Have a look, enjoy, subscribe.

Note: I am in no way affiliated to This is True! - I'm just trying to help one of the Good Guys get through the credit crunch.


Hey any one realised this guy looks kinda like Tom Hanks? Maybe he's got a day job now!
What? No, I didn't say anything...

That's part of the True "empire" - sales of the cards help finance the site.

I might consider buying some of those, but I don't know that may people to give 'em to (or do I?) L

Those certain door-knockers...

Actually, we have a Kingdom Hall round the corner from us. It has a car park - I could put them under wiper blades during a meeting,


OK, I'm convinced (Catholic centre in town). And he takes PayPal L

That guy looks creepy. 0_o

I subscribed =]

With the thing about the librarian and the kid looking up gun laws, I think the most obvious way to tell he's not doing anything illegal is the fact that he's looking up the laws first.

most likely a mix-up with the bar codes," offered the manager of an
Asda chain store in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. A shopper had
purchased a set of teaspoons and, when rung up, the register ordered
the clerk to check the buyer's identification to ensure she was at
least 18 years old. Why, asked the shopper. The clerk informed the
woman that someone had once been murdered with a teaspoon, and
therefore identification was now required. "I'm not aware of an age
restriction for spoons," the manager said. (London Telegraph) ...When
teaspoons are outlawed, only outlaws will have teaspoons.

There is no such thing as the London Telegraph: sloppy, not impressed.
The Daily Telegraph?


To be fair, the newsletter is American, with a global readership.

If you google for London telegraph, the first hit is the Daily Telegraph's website, which does not actually have the word "daily" in the url.

Adding the word "London" filters out the Belfast Telegraph, the Lancashire Telegraph, the Telegraph and Argus, Coventry Telegraph, Evening Telegraph, Greenock Telegraph, the Jewish Telegraph, Border Telegraph, even the Bush Telegraph... you get the idea.

I get the idea, but like "The London Times" it's a poor citation. "Telegraph (UK national daily)" would be better. It's also printed in Manchester as well as London, and has some offices outside of London. It's odd that I hadn't heard that story myself though. L


9 years ago

Sweet! I liked Little Brother and this seems great.

I did, but the guy's income is sliding badly, I figured it would do no harm to highlight it again.