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Kiteman is actually Mike Rowe! Answered

Kiteman is actually Mike Rowe! All that talk about him being (censored) and living in (censored) and having (censored) is FALSE, as proved by this ad! It pops up all over the place. I mean, really, look at the pictures. The conclusion is a foregone one. It's inescapable. But they do look scarily alike...



8 years ago

God created the universe because Kiteman told him "thou shalt post"

Under many people's bowtie theres a shirt collar. under kitemans bow tie there is another instructable

Doctor Who recently traded in his phone booth because he wanted a model of time macine that looks like the shed. Unfortunately, kiteman has the only one.

Woah, way to resurrect a topic!

hey! where's you get all those pics of him?

the first i see a woggle (?) and i can 't remember the second

That is a woggle, the second is from the BBC via a thread here.

No more hints.

Just taking a wild stab at who you're talking to, I've honestly accepted his apology and have moved on. But while I hold no grudges, I'll be very happy to never have any dealings ever again with that pervert.

. Since power and all his posts seem to have disappeared, I did a little houskeeping and deleted my remark.

Who is this "Power" character I keep hearing about? Could you PM me? Obviously I missed something; I haven't been around as much as in the past.

Oh, no Adrain... Remember your "GorrilazMiko is Coolz" topic? *shakes head*...

Haha, just poking fun ;-)

Oh, and contrary to popular belief, my name is not pronounced "Uh-drain".

It's Adrian...


A drain, a brain, Ubber-ain? Ad-rain? Adri an? An adri?

*Grumble* The people who were accusing me ironically enough made some fairly racist assumptions about me...

Hah, it's funny reading comments are trying to compliment me without sounding like stalkers, or without sounding like they're coming out.

I can confirm, however, that I have never shaken Mike Rowe's hand.

Fact: You can't shake your own hand.

You have two right hands? wow.

No, I have a right, a left, a reft and a pie.

Why would you shake your own hand? Besides, everyone knows real men shake power tools.

I know this is random... but you know how there's Chuck Norris jokes? You know how there's a bunch of spinnoffs? We totally need some Kiteman jokes ;-)

Kiteman can play the violin with a saxophone.

HAHAHAHA! That's perfect! Kiteman has counted to infinity...twice.

Kiteman can slam a revolving door... I know this is kinda of weird but can you lick your own elbow?

Lots of people can lick my elbow. Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

just needed to know where to place the line

A few people can, others, however cannot.

Labot can play the saxophone without a violin.

haha, well, personally, i think he looks nothing like you, he isnt cartoony looking, he isnt wearing a bow tie.

Nah, he just has a six toe fetish...

I knew it! It's all a conspiracy! Eric is actually the king of England! Canida is the princess of Alaska! I'm the chosen one! An Apple a day doesn't really keep the doctors away!


. Your fingers must have gone crazy on the last sentence. Shouldn't that be "But they do look scary."

Nice woggle!

Good eye! That is indeed the ible that picture was taken from...

Kiteman is much more better looking than mike rowe! Does that sound odd? I mean that in a totally hetero way!


That sounds insane.

Uh, sorry Kiteman. I mean, you're good-looking too! Not that I notice. I mean, I did, but, uh...ah snap...