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Kiteman knows a secret! Answered

Instructables is going back into the publishing business!

OK, so it's not much of a secret, what with a bunch of people getting emails about their projects going into them, but individual comments are building into a bigger picture: Instructables is following up The Book with a bunch of eBooks - a BIG bunch of eBooks.

I don't know the titles, yet, but there are going to be... (counts on fingers, runs out) more than several (in aPub format, maybe Kindle too?). 

Did you get an email?  Are you going to be in one of them?

If you find out a theme or title, add a comment.

Can we work out what they all are before The Powers That Be let us know officially?

Oh, and get this - at least some of the several will be free for pro members to download!  Now there's even more of a reason to post a cool project that could get freatured - a helping of free pro-ness would come with a side-order of eBookiness!

(K'NEX?  Surely not?)

Yes!  They're on the Kindle!


Im on DIY Rocketry!

You're in one of the eBooks? Cool - that means you'll get a free copy as well.

although im having a hard time trying to open it, they send me a link, so I downloaded the free copy and open it with Stanza, but it displays only text, not a single image or color, is that normal or should I download another ePub friendly reader?

I'd try Calibre, since the team have already checked that it works.

I'm going to be in Easy Vegetarian Recipes.

You can download a free Kindle reader from Amazon

Works fine for me on my PC, used it to check my books I just put on the Kindle store.

Conversion is a pain sometimes, but from experience I can tell you that you must convert your word document to HTML by saving a copy of it as a 'Web Page-Filtered', then you can convert it with the Mobicreator program into a Kindle ready book.
Your cover MUST be a .JPG file and then converted to a PDF file BEFORE you add it during the Mobicrator 'build' process. Your cover MUST be at least 500 pixels high or it will not load properly. (You can get a free cover template off lulu.com for the size book you want to use. I've 38 books there and its another easy site to use.) Use photoshop to make the proper sized and laid out cover and save as a photoshop PDF.

Here are some serious requirements for your book that you have to use of the Mobi book will NOT come out well at all.

Word is a great tool to use because it’s extremely easy to format. We suggest writing your book in Word or converting an existing source file into Word (.doc) format before continuing. Remember these important tips below to ensure an excellent eBook presentation.

* File Format: Save your content in .doc format, not .rtf or .docx (which don’t translate well to Kindle.) Save your work periodically as you make changes to ensure all changes are recorded.

* Layout: Use indentations, bold characters, italics and headings, as they will translate into your Kindle book. However, bullet points, special fonts, headers, and footers will not be transferred so avoid those.

* Page Breaks: Enter a page break at the end of every chapter to prevent the text from running together. To insert a page break in MS Word, click "Insert" at the top menu bar and select "Page Break."

* Image Placement: Images should be inserted in .jpeg format with center alignment (don’t copy and paste from another source). Select “Insert” > “Picture” > locate and select file. Although the Kindle device can display images, it has a grey scale electronic interface so image heavy books are better viewed on color-supported devices such as iPad, iPod, PC, and Mac.

* Spellcheck and Grammar: This tool is always your friend to ensure a professional presentation free of typos. Use this tool, but also manually proofread your file to ensure no errors are missed by the automated checker.

Creating front matter
Once you’re comfortable with your book content in Word, the next step is to modify the layout. Front matter is the beginning pages of a book, which may include a Title Page, Copyright Page, Dedication, Preface, and Prologue. For a stylish and professional presentation, you should add a Title Page at a minimum.

Go to the following link at Amazon DTP and learn the tricks and tips before you go crazy trying to make it work!!!


Join Amazon DTP, (Its free) and it opens a host of doors to you. Take time and you will learn how, and have some fun along the way.

*Cough*....I sense an invocation of Kiteman's Law. I can see at least three, maybe four steps, there. And lots of opportunity for images (examples, screenshots, whatever).

Sigh.............I intend to keep supporting this wonderful site/community, but i haven't the foggiest idea what you guys are talking about. I lost my dad a month ago, and i can't seem to process much, let alone my name. Anyway, it seems you guys are happy about something, so rock on! {{{{Lyn}}}}

Condolences, good friends make it easier, and you have many here.
Some of us have already walked that path, and know your feelings well.
I imagine more then a few can turn a good ear if you want to talk about it sometime.

Thank you so much for your kindness. You and others here have been very very kind. I'm stunned at the overwhelming concern people here have shown me. You've reached out your hearts to a person you don't really know. I've never mada an Instructable (I simply haven't tried because I'm a techno-phobe) but I read and relish the creative and thoughtful projects that the rest of you make, and you still include me in the group. Thank you all .

So sorry, I know how this is having lost my Dad when he was 49 years ago. And now my Mom is not in the best of health.

Take care, and if you need someone to vent to, I am in and out most all day....

We're here if you need us. PM if you want to talk, or just vent a bit of emotion.


Here are some sneak-peak covers.


Are you seriously going to use that for a steampunk cover! BY GADS.

Thats me, as our resident steampunker telling you to change it.

You shouldn't have let him see your wedding album, then!

>points to steampunk cover<


I think you mean sneak PEEK? Or perhaps you mean to pique curiousity about mountain climbing? (Or maybe steampunk?)

"Climb every mountain......" :-)

Hmmm, interesting....especially the DIY Rocketry. . .

Besides the Halloween one, look for the Apple one.

For the general public:
When I first got one of the emails and clicked on the link, I was really miffed that the PC didn't recognize the file and couldn't open it up.  So apparently, epubs are ebooks for ereaders.  I do not own any ereader device no did I plan on getting one.  The original email announced it was for ipads so I thought, great, esnootery for ipad users.  WTF, no pdf format will be available.  So I had to spend some time to research how to get this file to open on a PC.  I tried to import it into itunes but it will not display there.  Then I saw the epub wiki that mentioned a firefox plug-in.  Got that and it worked.  Of course, I was looking for a free reader.  I'm not sure about Calibre and I think I got a trial version of Kindle for PC a long time ago but never used it.

So, somebody needs to put up an ible (BURNING QUESTIONS) on how to open an ebook on a PC, maybe a mac or linux box too.  I'm not. :-)   I think those less technical than I will have a bad experience in assuming you can just get the file and open it.   Hopefully, they will preface the download with hints or methods to read the ebook without assuming everyone is ebook savvy.  Then again, if it is only offered in ebook stores, they are limiting the audience.

It would still be a useful marketing exercise if somebody* wrote an instructable on "How to Convert eBook formats from XX to YY", and included a bunch of links to Instructable eBooks as examples.

Steps could include using the better-known [free] conversion software(s), and maybe tips/tricks on formatting the converted books.

(* Not me - I have Calaibre downloaded, but I took me over 10 min to convert the Hallowe'en ePub file to a MOBI file, and I can't check if I did it right because I haven't got my Kindle yet)

Not me, either -- I don't own any specialized eReader; not a Kindle, not a Nook, not anything. My cell phone is a telephone, dammit, not a miniaturized and half-arsed attempt at a computing platform.

Ahhhhh....a small dose of curmudgeon always leaves me feeling refreshed. Now if only there were some puppies for me to kick....

I think we need somebody... younger to write this one.

Somebody who has never owned a phone without a camera in it.

Somebody who has never seen a telephone with a circular dial.

Or who doesn't know that telephone exchanges are supposed to make a racket.

Oh the GPO is long-dead. It's "British Telecom" now. There are other land-line providers, but they all have to go through a BT exchange at some point, even the mobile providers.

Yes, I know (I actually read part of what I linked :-). The "Bell System" is equally dead, broken up in 1984.

hehe, wasn't thinking clearly after just getting bitten by the macbook "unacknowledged" os battery not charging bug.

also, epub file format is for Apple devices, Kindle has its own and I guess conversion would be needed if you don't have the file specific for your reader.

All of you have touched my heart. Thank you all so much. BTW, My book arrived when I got home from the funeral, my dad never saw it, but I feel he sent it. Again, thanks,

I'm going to be in it. Look for my award winning, world famous, and extremely handsome spider web instructable.

Which one are you going to be in? Title or subject matter?