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Kiteman's Haiku Contest the Sequel! Answered

Ok,so Kiteman posted a patch contest that was very succesful. I took his VERY LAST PATCH! So,I am posting this,it has the EXACT SAME RULES AS KITEMAN'S exept that I am the one sending patches! Haiku Away!



1 year ago

As the sea is blue,

and I belong in my land,

cold winds engulf you.

Posting this feels so weird and so wrong, kinda like waking up the dead... But I don't care! Let the zombies come! ; )))

I've been digging in the Instructables archives quite some time today...

Whatever caused this thread to stop anyway?

Comments like yours show

It's not always September

On the internet.

Autumn's cold winds blow

Bright screen under a dark sky

This site warms my heart


Not so active as of late?

Make ibles again.

Been a touch busy

Renovating my new house

Nearly finished now

New ibles coming

'Leccy skateboard in the works

And some older stuff

Bump not once, but twice

Alas, intelligent life

A treat for the site

Hahaha Haha!

Haiku's and poetry,

Out of anything.

Instructables rock

Take something simple as that

turns into pure gold.

"Five syllables First.

Seven Syllables Second.

Five syllables Last."

copyright 2016

"5 syllables 1st.

7 syllables 2nd.

5 syllables last."

copyright 2016

5 syllables first

7 syllables second

5 syllables third


Five syllables here.

Now add two more syllables,

rinse out and repeat.

Instructables fun,
Make-and-doing all day long,
Just don't kill yourself.


8 years ago

A Haiku contest!
Ha, I will beat all the rest!
For I am the best! :->

Your boast will be toast,
We all know a polar bear
can't type on keyboard.

Aha! A challenge!
Then lets have this duel of words!
Or do I scare thee. :->

Do your best or wurst
Lest you eat your little words
Spicy hot mustard?

Eat my little words?
Maybe with some sweet chilli
But never subdue!

A challenge indeed
No matter what you will say
It still does not rhyme

Does it need to rhyme?
I will turn you into slime!
With my magic pine!

Do not miss a beat
Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme,
makes it all taste good.

Machinge gun, rifle
Bazooka, rocket, sling-shot
These are my weapons!

Just keep on running
You have no ammunition
Rock, paper, scissors...

What about magic?!
I'll say Abrakadabra!
And you will vanish! :->

No thrill in the kill
Tis the hunt that is fair game
For the chase is good

I don't speak Spanish
I don't prattle in Polish
But I will for you! ;->

Esperanto, No?
The internet connects us
Hello, my good friend.

Dial-up, wi-fi
ADSL,  and 3G
None shall protect you! ;->

"Dial-up, wi-fi" huh?
I think that you've done that wrong.
5 syllables - not!

Static on the line?
Failure to communicate?
Di al, di al, twice.

Too long we have fought
Enough page, we shall not have
A shower I need :-(

Backed into a wall
Ha, too much information
Till we meet again.

You, sir, are legend!
Many thanks for the great patch! :->
My last, this will be!

Duplicated work
Too much effort for me
Missing syllable

You're a lazy bum
Add just one more word (try "Way")
To the second line

If we could edit
comments that we have written,
then I would do so.

Hey! Great idea there
New PRO feature coming up:
Editing comments


Yes indeed; I know
But it finished out the line
(Poetic license)

Ibles is awesome
You can do a lot of stuff
Building, make and craft

Topic out of time
Comment, pun, question, reply
I just don't get it.

Gushing flows of black
Fast, whirling rolls of white
It's a newspaper!

It's a newspaper
but then beneath glass it is
in a museum.

Before a thought is finished
Stalking, yes or no?

No, coincidence
Just refreshing the forums
It looked interesting

Techie Haikus are
Just not sequencial at all
Much less as sequels.

patch i want to send
my patch button will not work
when fixed patch is yours!