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Kitewife, she says YES! Answered

Many years ago, my father rallied a Mini.

Twenty-three years ago, I learned to drive in a Mini.

Twenty-two years ago, I had my first crash in a Mini.

I courted Kitewife in a Mini.

Now, after literally years of subtle hints, requests and outright begging, Kitewife has agreed that I can have another Mini. A proper one, not a BMW.

OK, this isn't going to be instant, probably months away, but I am uber-excited about it, so I thought I'd come a and brag about it.

All I've got to do first is fix up the Megane to a saleable state - replace the spoiler, the wing mirror, buff out the scratches, pull out the dent in the door, then sell it, then raise about a grand extra ...

... ah, what the heck, she said yes!



10 years ago

Mini-pinch :P Yay!! What colour are you getting it in? please dont say yellow, please dont say yellow, please dont say yellow.


Actually, no - it will eventually be BRG


10 years ago

Lucky you! Have a particular color scheme in mind? I've always been fond of the bright red body, white/black checkered top.

Do it John Cooper style, with the two white stripes on the bonnet.


10 years ago

A question I've been wondering: is there a Kitepet?

I've got a pond full of goldfish and frogs, and five Giant African Land Snails (but they live at school). At school, I also have a rat, a newt and a class of 31.

and a class of 31

..classed as your pets!? :-/

Good luck mini hunting. :) I prefer a Saab aero 900 or a BMW E30 =P


MUHAHAHA! Yes! It happened! The grammar in your title is terrible =P, it should "Kitewife says yes!", not "Kitewife, she says yes!"
Och well you were excited, but I must go check the temperature of the underworld, I fear it is rather chilly down there...

You ought to watch more adverts. There used to be an advert on TV in the UK where a chap in a white suit would enter an orange grove or similar, taste the fruit and nod. The locals would then throw their hats in the air and celebrate because "The Man from Del Monte, he say Yes!".

Del Monte? As in the tobacco corporation? Oh by the way there was a cold snap down there, nothing to worry about LOL

Known for tinned fruit over here.

Oh yah that Del Monte, I was thinking of El Monte...

Yeah, here too...
Where are you RocketScientist2015? Is there no fruit 7 years from now!?

Yikes! I've just realised that I've been driving around for a week with an expired MOT!! Still, I'll put it in and get quotes for the missing bodywork, see if it's worth doing myself before I flog the Megane.

Jealous Congrats

You won't be able to fit Kitewife, #1 and #2 son in it very comfortably, will you??

It will mainly be for me, myself and I - tootling to work and what-not. But, it's a four-seater, and I regularly had five in mine before I bent it. I once went on a 3-hour ride in a Mini with five others, including Kitewife. She rode on my knee in the back, so I couldn't actually walk when we got there.

Hehe! Welcome to the club! My mum says she'll buy me one when I pass my test, it's the only car for me!

Yayayayay! Very exciting. I've always loved them. I had to settle on an Echo though, as Minis are very expensive. But the Echo is quite nice and still a wee little car.

Nice going =]
Outfit it like Austin Powers mini, then do an Instructable on it =]

I always loved Mr Bean's mini, the way he had a padlock for a lock on his door.

Nothing beats Mr. Bean. It is too bad that my friends these days never even heard of him. He is by far one of the funniest actors in the movie industry. I loved his silent skits way back when. So funny, so funny...

yeah Mr Beans pretty funny, I prefer him in blackadder though.

Yeah I was reminded of that recently....my wife bought Mr Bean's Vacation recently on eBay. Funny stuff.

Oh yeah you can't beat a bit of Mr Bean, it's such childish humour you can't help but laugh at it.

Lucky! I think they look quite funny. :P

well you could get a decent body shell and chassis w/o engine or gearbox and save a bunch, follow the 2.0L nitro fuelled dream you've held on to... Or go one better, I heard of some kind of transverse V-6 (possibly straight 6) with a gearbox out of something with strength and transverseness... Or you could jam an impreza engine in there, the old 2.0 block, battery etc in the glovebox, then give it four wheel drive so you can actually move before the tires melt... Or the engine out of a honda fireblade after it's been souped up a bit further...

And here I was thinking you were getting married...

Getting married?

It's our 18th anniversary this March!

(And before anybody asks, she asked me out when we first started going out, we kissed on the first date as I left her at her parents' front door, and I asked her to marry me four months later. We exchanged engagement rings when I could afford the one she deserved, her favourite stone - blue topaz - it cost me a month's wages.)

Ever heard of renewing vows?

we kissed on the first date

What'd you do on the third date? =p

Personally, I only think couples need to renew vows if they've neglected them. We are one of the steadiest couples we know, even more so than our own parents (which is not usually the case, apparently).

Well, it has been 16 + years for me and mine, not counting the 2 years we dated before hand :-)

Aww bless! Your a lucky man, wish I could find a nice bird. I just get used and abused(giggedy).

that plate on the front, 30 LB, is that the weight or the car's price :-) and what's wrong with a BMW ?

I have no information about the Mini in the picture, except for I want one.

BMW? Feh! They aren't Minis, they're as big as a Golf - they just share a vague similarity in silhouette and dial placement.

Oh ok, reliable cars but expensive to fix

Not in the country that invented them, plus all the tools were rescued on the day the last Mini rolled off the line (you can buy whole body shells pressed from the original dyes for only a couple of grand).

Oh, I meant the BMW's we see around here. Most of them seem to nearly last forever, but when they do start to break, wow.

Ah, true. The parts are easy to get, but be prepared to part with various limbs.

Now if you can just scale up the jam jar jet (JJJ) and attach it to the back.......

you know whats cool, are the mini pickups. those are just amazing. and they're so tiny. you could just pick them up and put them in your pocket.

They're also either much more expensive, or absolute wrecks beyond my skill to resurrect.

What I'd really like is a 1300 Cooper S. I know they're tiny by American standards, and underpowered by modern standards, but they ruled international rallying for years. Shame they start at twice my budget ...

(Oh, there's a Mini on ebay with nitrous injection to a 2-litre engine that I have already banned from even putting on watch - 240bhp in a car that weighs less than a tonne gives 0-60mph of just over 4 seconds)

what you say about the pickups is true, sadly... and as for that Mini on ebay, WOW. i checked it out just now. an amazing little car, but way out of my budget. is it a rally car that your looking for? I'm 15, gonna be 16 this september, and i've been looking into diferent cars. I considered early Mini's a while back, but I lost hope when I discovered how much they cost over here (in the US) and how hard they are to find. One car that I really like is the Lotus 7; I've bought a book on how to build a replica of it (known as the "Locost"), i don't know if you've ever heard of it. Keep me updated on your Mini, though, I'd love to here about it!

Hi and hope the classic car bug keeps going. My dad has a locost and it's REALLY fast tho he is trying to put a turbo engine in it at the moment!!!!! Just to add that i really envy kiteman. My first fun car was a classic 1500 triumph spitfire and boy did i have fun in that. The wife won't let me have one tho (BOO HOO) although seeing as they are two seater i'm not sure where my 2 boys would fit? Ah well. one day. Let us know when you get the mini ;>)