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Kitty TV Answered

Every year, winter comes to RI (as it should). Then every year my family makes a cardboard house for the outdoor cats (they started off as one stray cat a couple of years ago, but of course multiplied). The cardboard houses would be thrown out at the end of winter since they would become soggy (even though we covered them in plastic bags) and an eye sore on the porch. Last winter, one of our friends got a little overambitious and made a house that was way too big (we could have fit both of our Golden Retrievers inside with room to spare), so the cats didn't use it. Last month I reorganized my room and decided to get rid of the cabinet I had placed my TV in. I was gonna toss or burn it, but decided to convert it in to a place for the cats to live. The light located on top doesn't light up, but is instead connected to a flashlight connected to the interior of the cabinet which does light up when the push light is "clicked".



The effect would have been perfect if you could have left the front screen glass in, and created an entrance in the back LOL Good recycling idea ! Bravo !

Oh wait, it looks like you did let the screen in didn't you ? That's Great

I put an old pane of glass in the front (held in place by some nails and the front of the TV) so we can easily view what cats are inside the box, while keeping the heat generated by the cats inside. I plan on placing one of those coffee warmer pads in the bottom once I've figured out where it disappeared to. There are holes in the bottom of the stand under the blanket (placed there by the manufacturing company). I made an enclosure under the stand by attaching some more wood so now there's a hollow area underneath the cats. I also want to place some stones in the same area, so that if the warmer loses power, the stones will still release stored heat. It's not really needed, but it'd help the cats survive the winter.

Well, in any case it is really great to do that. We have used boxes on our porch, until they are friendly enough to approach (after many feedings), and then try to get them to a shelter or to the lady down the street that takes care of them until they can be adopted out.

at least it gets good reception LOL

The reception's so clear, you could almost reach out and touch it... oh wait, you can (either through the rear flap or the small door on the top right, above the original speaker) :P

yeah, I here those new 3-d tv's are pretty good, but I can't agree with the smellovision part