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Knex Automatic SMG Answered

This is my fully automatic knex gun that I have had since October although I have been working with the rack and pinion mechanism since last year, the system that it uses works well however I can't seem to get a good green rod magazine on it. Can you help me please?


use a green or black motor for more powerful firing, and NEVER ue green rods because you do not know whether or not you were hit or not.

don't use green rods as ammo because they have no power upon contact use white rods.

Should i post my 18 round fully automatic uzi?


I don't even need to post, just build an extended version of Louis XIV's semi auto gun. I just made a frame to make it look cool.

yes yes yes

Niice, looks like a P90. I would ask to post, but I'm already assuming that you wrecked it.

I think it would be worth a trip to an electronics shop. I recently went to Jaycar (an electronics shop here in Aus (not sure if it's in other countries)), and saw a 20,000 rpm electric motor on sale for about $20! (no joke!) it ran off 12v I think. There were also other motors of varying torque, size, rpm and cost. Perhaps one of those with a k'nex rod superglued on the end? Also keep in mind that the all terrain trekker motor is actually the same size as the one in the clear case, just with different gears! No wonder they are lacking in power...

you should make it with a rubberband powered motor.


9 years ago

Anyone else thinking full auto P90 right about now?

YES Is that a hint that you're making one?

i think mepain or ironman made one but it had a low cap mag and low range

Yeah I just finished making this yesterday, but with brand new batteries, and the most rubber bands the motor can take, it shoots white rods about 3 feet, and airsoft bb's 5 feet. It's fun too use though, and it looks kinda cool

Looks P90ish.

PLEASE post it!!! P.S. can it work without a motor and a gatling gun type firing system instead?

im making a knex automatic, and with a new mech

im workin on a semi...

if you want to shoot green rods why have a huge magazine, its still cool though post