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Knex BMSG Answered

Here is my Knex tube fed, shell ejecting BM shotgun. It was fed off tube feeding shell bullets, which were three grey spacers taped together with a white rod on the inside. It fired white rods only 30FT with two bands. It held 5 shell loaded rounds which ejected where a real shotgun would. The way you'd eject the empty shell would be to press the button in pictures 7 & 8, it would automatically load in another shell waiting to be fired. Ram rod powered. Built for engineering creativity, not looks! It was a fantastic little gun.
There are no more pictures, the gun is no longer together.


Neat, I like it : ) It would be 1,000,000x more awesome if it was pump action and was a shotgun : D

Hmm, not bad. I would like to see more of the gun... but you have it broken, its no biggie.

ok cool, thanks for spending your time thinking about it!

ahhh, could you possibly build a mock-up of the shell mech?

I don't know if that is asking to much, but if it is I am totally cool with that

your welcome!

I would love to see internals, I would love to give this a shot, and possibly make it pump action depending on the mech, either way it is cool!