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I'm Back! Answered

I'm Back too building!
I'm working on a ball machine.
sort of.........
So yeah.


Scooby doo FTW!

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TheFoofinator (author)Jesus.2010-07-27

Come back with a raging storm of a thing!!!

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~KGB~ (author)2010-07-03

yayz! everyone iz quitin!

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Jesus. (author)jollex2010-07-23
DJ Radio (author)2010-07-03

I thought I'd just go piggyback on this topic instead of make my own, since I'm not even quitting and it's not worth a new topic.

I am going to go into a temporary retirement.  No I'm not gonna quit knex or anything, I'm still gonna build with it, take pictures of projects, and criticize you guys on your projects, but I'm just not gonna come out with any new stuff for a while.

What I am doing is building other people's knex projects (Mostly the stuff on KI that doesn't have instructions) and modding them and such.  I figure I'd just go into a temporary retirement because I don't have enough parts for both my own projects and other people's.  I might go ahead and post reviews, internal pics, and videos on these, but just not full instructions.

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