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K'nex Challenge Answered


I know a bunch of you will be getting new K'nex this year and since you have time off from school I thought another K'nex Weekly Challenge would be perfect! This Challenge is open to all types of K'nex projects, but I want to see some originality and some mind-blowing entries and not just the run-of-the-mill type guns.

The Weekly Make It Challenge: K'nex will run from December 26, 2011-January 1, 2012.
I'll link to the Challenge page when it goes live. i'm giving you plenty of lead time to brainstorm awesome entries, so save up your K'nex projects for the next week and then enter to win some great prizes! 

This page will be updated with any new information until the Challenge goes live, and then again when the Challenge starts. 


I think It should be a little longer. does anyone agree.

Disagree. I posted  this heads-up a few days ago and your profile age suggests that you're on a break from school, that equates to a week and a half of no-obligation K'nex building. What do you need more time for?

well first I'm home schooled and my mom does see why we need breaks from school as long as this. and two I have school from about when I wake up to usually about 4-5 pm giving me little time to build.

Convince your mom to make this a school project! That should be the best part of homeschooling - flexibility, and getting to do weird/fun things.

change of plans my mom is tired becuase of christmas and us all the week off.

i made an awesome knex bow that has a barrel made out of snowflakes. i am wondering in someone could make an instructabe on how to convert knex bows into crossbows

can you put up some pictures please because that sound cool

You should make a lego challenge. :)

I second that! Come on, this is the second time I've seen a K'nex challenge, where is the LEGO love?

I'll host a LEGO challenge soon guys, this was a specific request from my overlords. In the meantime both K'nexers and LEGOfreaks can enter the Toy Challenge (there's a special prize for toys made from other toys, too!)

LEGOfreaks lol. Of course I'm planning on entering the toy challenge multiple times (already submitted one project) but I would still love to see what a LEGO challenge would produce. Please make "soon" soon and not like 5 months from now :)

Since no entries have been posted on the Toy Challenge there is no where to ask questions so maybe you can help. The Contest Info page says there is a special prize category just for K'nex but the Prizes page says that category is for toys made from toys, which would include more than just K'nex. So my question is is the special prize solely for K'nex or for all toys made from toys?

It's been revised to read "any toys made from other toys", meaning LEGO, Duplo, MEccano, K'nex. Thanks for that heads-up!

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Oooooooooooooove legos.been building with them 4 20 years.


Make some lego instructables!

Just a warning for anyone buying "Value" tubs of KNEX for the challenge. They all seem to come as a half and half mixture of Micro KNEX and Normal KNEX. If you are hoping to use them together you will be sadly disappointed. There are some transition pieces included, but they are a joke for all intents and purposes. Neither the seller (Amazon), nor the packaging says anything about Micro KNEX being part of the product that you are purchasing. Buyer Beware, and happy hacking~!

i should enter my mini(litereal) gun

does it need an full ible, or are slideshows also good?

How often can you enter?

Could I also enter catastropha, even thought i'm working on it already for over a year?

Just the other Weekly Challenges, the Instructable needs to be published after the start date. You're welcome to post a new Instructable for an update from your previous work, however.

SO I can enter Catastropha if I finish it in time? *yay*