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K'nex Combination Lock Answered

I got bored and decided to show off my combination lock here at Ibles. It's not done yet, but here it is: http://s271.photobucket.com/albums/jj128/Mepain/KI/?action=view&current=SMOV0022.flv


this looks neat how does it work?

(removed by the FBI)

(I just removed all of your instructables)

O man, I read that in an email notification out of context and I thought someone had hacked my account and deleted everything, lol.

Im not finished mine yet either...

Because that was a comment that did not invove the subject at all

Stilll waiiting :)

what is that made out of?

Swiss Cheese... Whaddaya think?

Ugh...Joined:Dec 11, 2006 published: Nov 14, 2008

Lol... That really makes my blood boil.

thats amazing.

can u plz post dis it is very cool or at least post mech for us knexrs


9 years ago

This is a must post, either on KI or here, I don't care, just do it SOON

Aw, please reconsider. A K'nex combination lock sounds awesome.

I think my plans just turned upside-down. I'll be posting this here, I've got bigger plans for KI.

They're trying to build a standalone site, so it doesn't encourage others to use it if they don't now, does it?

its not, i went looking on it, and i cant tell who replied to who else in the comments

Why don'y you ever post your cool things here?

post really bad instructions on here then the good ones on KI lol jk. post on both that way you can be doing more than posting instructions "Inspiring innovation, spawning creativity." -mepain- (p.s. I think you might need to put an and in your signature.) Hehe don't you hate it when people quote your signatures.

It's been 2 months...

Looks cool. Post.