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Knex Gun Ideas? What to build next? Answered

Hi everyone im trying to think of a gun to build, but im running short on ideas. Can you please give me ideas of any type of gun you think might be a good gun to make. Any gun idea can be helpful. Thanks for any ideas by the way.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Well, Bolt Action guns are proving very popular and are an elite species (the kind where there are 2 chambers, one for the bullet and one where the mag feeds in, just look at the ZKAR). Alternatively you could try a pump action: they're always popular, but a removable mag is pretty essential if you want your gun to stand out from the vast, vast, VAST majority of auto-loading guns, although bear in mind you would still want to provide other advantages as to why people would want to make your gun.


7 years ago

Bren gun

A sniper that uses very few pieces!

you could use a sling shot that is mag fed but it requires a snow flake piece that spins holding more than one elastic band that releases one at a time this is a mech i am putting into most of my guns now as it makes them semi auto