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K'nex Gun Request Answered

Could someone make a knex pistol meeting the following requirements? 1. The firing mine does not come out of the back of the gun. 2. It has a slide. 3. It has a mag. 4. It fires at least 20 feet. 5. The mag is easy to re-fill. Please? Thanks, BB


Booyah, booyah, and booyah!!! Except the firing pins come out the back and no slides.


This post is 6 years old. Not a single person that commented on this in the last 5 years is even around any more.

I still exist!

Nice simple pistol there, but I believe I was trying to make one where the pin didn't stick out + had a slide so that it would feel more realistic. Oh well

br-8 with slide? it dosent have a mag but it has a relvolver

Most pistols don't have a pin sticking 4 inches (Mind my American) out the back. I mean having a short pin inside the "barrel"

you dont need it in the gun itself.

Maybe you don't, but I want it not to stick out. It's all about realism.

Something like that would become rifle-sized pretty fast. Function is always better than realism in the first place anyways. The semi autos dont have this problem if you REALLY want it like that.

If I made one, what would you say? You seem pretty sure it's impossible to make one that's pistol sized.

I wouldnt give a hoot because you dont need a ram that doesnt stick out.

Show me a pistol with a 6mm rod sticking 5 inches out the back.

you do realize we cant and probably don't need to replicate everything a real gun has, right?

There is no point in making a replica with such a huge flaw as that.

why would someone want to replicate a pistol in the first place? Its basically the same pistol with cosmetic changes.

S0lekill3r's Top loading pistol fulfills all but the first requirement.

The first requirement is what makes it hard. There are plenty that meet the rest.

that first requirement isnt even needed.

The first requirement is what I care about. It makes it feel more like a real gun.

firing mine? do you mean firing pin, or is this just another term i don't yet know about?