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Knex Halo Needler Answered

Someone should make a working model of the halo needler machine gun. It would be so awesome! Any ideas? contact me.


I could TRY to make one, but it may not be very good, as I'm not THAT experienced.

Well I might think something up although I'm not too much into making halo weapons as making models of WWII weapons as you can tell by my MP44 and my next project is an M1 Garand with a similar loading/unloading style. I might get around to this though just because people would love it.

Well I don't play Halo, So I dunno what a needler is.
But, I am working on the chainsaw gun from Gears of War.
When (if) I finish it should I post an instructable or a forum?

Do you think people would be made if it wasn't a machine gun?

Ok, it is gonna be a while, I have nine weapons and need more knex...

already did. there is a instructable on it. it dosent shoot thow.

you know, your needler doesnt resemble one at all except for the needles on top but that doesnt even resemble it

i think when he said "working model" i think he meant somethin that shoot. as for ur question, i made one a while ago but i took it apart and i dont remember how it goes together again. i remember tho, that i took the thing thats been posted, and just added a firing mechanism. u should prolly figure it out real easy.