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Knex Ideas? Answered

I would like to know if any of you have anything you want to see on the website that is made out of knex since I'm bored and want to make something but don't know what. Anyone have an idea. I'm good at making games out of knex.


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Best Answer 8 years ago

Make a knex Foosball table.  I know there's already one on Youtube, but it uses way too many parts.  I want to see if you make one that uses less than the one on Youtube.

I am already planning on making one of those. I have some ideas of my own in my description of my profile but I didn't call it foosball, I called it table soccer but I meant the same thing. I'll change the name for the title to foosball as that seems more popular. I'll make it with less pieces making it so that the hard surface of a table will be where the ball rolls. So I'll make that sometime. I'll try to make it in the week.


8 years ago

A triple beam balance...........a scale.


Ok, this seems good but I won't be able to make one till I know how it works. I have used one before but never studied it to see how the thing works but once I dofigure out, I'll make it.