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Knex Ideas Answered

I have been trying to make something cool to post from knex but I can't think of anything to make. If you guys have some ideas that should be made or something that you don't think you could make by yourself please comment or private message. If I get any ideas I will start building and make instructions for it. Just don't request rollercoasters.



A repeating crossbow, one like the ones used in ancient china.

A break-action shotgun, that actually has a spread shot.

an artillery thing?

Well, Any actual engineered construct is interesting. A scale version of the golden gate bridge/eiffel tower, a working version of the six wheeled mars rovers, a card shuffling machine, any type of walker. If you must do a gun find a way impart some spin on your rounds (see rifling) to get better accuracy and distance.

well i can make my bullet rifle but in a different way. My way goes end over end istead of a clockwise twist. My way also cuts down on distance though.

make a huge trebuchet!

what about like a ballista maybe. I think a trebuchet whould be to hard to make because of the counter weight and the release points

Make something new. stay away from things that have been done before, and look at what people want, make a good knexible and yay!

I made a awesome knex gun but it has no scope bi or tri pod on it simple triger but very very strong I shot through two coke cans and kept going so I'll post details l8r and u can mod if u want