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K'nex Instructable Background Hint Answered

Have you had trouble making a good k'nex instructable because of the background? Use poster-board to make a good, monochromatic background which can make seeing details easier.


I like using white carpet or the wall.

The problem with rugs is that sometimes the 'hairs' may cause some bad light reflection or get in some parts of the gun or hid them.

If your hair is a dark color then it isn't really a problem.

The hairs in my carpet don't really bother me, I guess I could always vacuum them off.

 I know this is low tech, but try to follow me on this one:

Put a piece of paper under it.

It's basically the same thing as poster-board but smaller. Still poster-board is better for larger guns.

Or just lay your gun down on the floor.

...lie down on your face and place your hands behind your back.

What the hell was that about?

Read both posts out loud, whilst pretending to wear body armour.

I would if I could but I don't actually have anything white. I just decided I'll go for some good lighting using the pool table light. It makes white connectors glare but otherwise it's good enough. Plus I could always try going for a green screen effect and putting my gun in a scene of a movie or something XD.

I use the white posterboard seen in my slideshows.


8 years ago

I do the same thing!

(That or a sheet laid out on hardwood.)

i use my hardwood floor, my carpet, and in one i think i used a seahawks blanket.

put it on an ugly carpet! The gun will standout easy!