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Knex Klakker of ANNOYANCE!! Answered

This is the knex klakker of annoyance, if you couldn't tell from the title. Yes it is a clacker to annoy friends and family alike. It is amazingly simple, just shake it side to side. This is not in a knex group because I do not know of any knex groups it would fit in.


It doesn't. You can make things out of knex that don't shoot. Did you know that? I made one called a Strandbeest.

what does it shoot?


ok, ok, calm down, ill stop if it bothers u so much. besides, my account may be noobish, but i have been making the guns on this site since october 2006

and yet you just made one instructable in those two years... sad..

Yup, im not too good at inventing things, just mindlessly following instructions...


10 years ago

First comment!!!!!!!!! Lol anyway I made something like this, not really, it does annoy people, but its different than this. Shall I post a topic on it?

you can, I was just bored, and my dad's response was to mine was "yes it is annoying, now go to bed"

All you do is spin it around. The handle is the red rod with 3 gray connectros on it. I think you should be able to make it from just these pictures.

awww, you always make better stuff than me. Oh well, it is awesome, reminds me of those things you get at rubio's, but better. I'm gonna annoy me up some dinner. Hehehe

see, there it goes again, the unstoppable urge to respond to a comment!

Fein, I will say it backwards to stand out. !yay

And your? that sense make no. Uh-oh, cement on the english side, I will have to use the french side. Let's see, "Le Grille"? What the hell does that mean? Do you watch the simpsons too?

I said "I am very well! And you?" That's how I learned.

You need an accent, otherwise it is "your"

I can't help it that my crappy computer can't type an accent.

Yeah, neither can I, I use altavista bablefish, it can do accents, and other alphabets as well. That is usually where I get my russian text, but this server doesn't understand, so it turns out as a bunch of gibberish.

Aww, I swung it too fast and it broke, but it did stay airborne quite a while. 4 seconds at least

see,mepain gets first comments too! are you going to call him a noob, smidge? ps. the clackers are nice. i am now grounded.