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K'nex L98A1 Questions Answered

Ok, So I'm about to start building an L98A1. However, I don't think I should use the cocking handle assembly because K'nex is just too weak to hold up to it. My idea is to use a handle set-up like the SA80, ie. straight into the bolt. I would rather use the rail handle idea though, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them. Oh, and some design features: Should have decent range Definitely a curved mag Accurate to about 20 feet Will use a fair few pieces Will have a realistic TMH set-up: ie. Sear behind the mag.


Double post >:( Joking. I may make it without the pump, it seems unnecessary hassle to me.

Well if you want, you could post it, and my part of the collab could be adding optional mods (such as a pump). I have a few idea's I wanna try with a gun, so I'd be happy to mod yours! :)

Ok, sure. Good luck with the pump though, you'll have to run guide bars through the mag by the look of it!

Hey, who said it was bottom pump, I might even make it side pump action, lol!

A slide behind the top of the mag would probably be easiest. I may even make one and let you improve, lol. I'm gonna go and make some more of it now, so don't expect any more quick replies for a while.

It could always have a mag at the front of the gun, with a pump behind it.

Yeah, but I'd prefer the mag to be as close to me, while still having good power, as possible, so I can reload quickly. But.. You do your design, then could I add my mods? :D

I thought you said L96, I was gonna say, I made one, and in my oppinion was very accurate looking, do you want any help with this? I'd love to collab/help. I've been burning to put my trigger mech on a gun, and I think it'd work perfect for a bullpup design xP Whaddyasay? :P

Scrapped it; the trigger bar couldn't get past the mag enclosure without using string, something that I'm firmly against. Also, I wanted to use a moving chamber design that pulled back the pin and loaded rounds into the chamber one by one, but the distance from the mag to the stock was too short to even fit a red rod in as a pin. However, I have now started work on an L96 V2 that will use a sling action, and i don't even know how the mech will work yet, but I may put a loading system (clip or mag) on it.

You don't need string btw. Yeah, I get you, perhaps a gun with a more centered mag on the gun (but still behind the handle) I may try. I prefered my L96 bolt action, but, I have an idea for a really safe, really cool loading system for slings, and it could improve accuracy by alot, only thing is, I don't wanna try it atm. Wanna hear my idea?

Ok. By the way, I finished my basic sniper eariler, it is as powerful (penetration-wise) with 4 #64s and the Striker is with 8.

Want me pm you the idea? And nice!

Ok, I still have the TMH frame built. It snapped the bands every 5 shots (and they hit my fingers very painfully) so I shortened it slightly. It is still slightly more powerful than the striker per band but can support at least twice as many. It's a pain to load too, so I probably won't post.

I don't think my mech will work that well, it needs a specific mech and shape/internals, I'll make a prototype at somepoint.

Ok, I'm gonna PM you about something in a min, so check every now and then.

I was playing GH4, slow reply, lol, I got it! :D


9 years ago

Nasty, I don't like that gun :D

The trigger is pretty much impossible, I'm gonna look into another design for a non-bullpup rifle.

Just so people know what this is:


I would make it with the big jutty iron sights by the way.