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I was thinking about making a GPS tracker shooter. You could use it to shoot a GPS tracker onto the back of, say, a Truck in front of you that was driving really bad. I got cut off by a semi one time that didn't have a "How well am I driving" sign on the back. I think they were running drugs. Anyways, I'm not really familiar with all the different KNEX guns, as to which is most reliable and accurate and easy to build, etc. Can you recommend one that might be able to shoot a small GPS tracker from one car to another about 30 feet away? Thanks much, Royal



11 years ago

K'nex guns are useful (if you can call it that) for shooting light-weight projectiles like ... k'nex pieces. To shoot something as heavy as even a small GPS tracker (what, 2 to 4 ounces with batteries?) would take much more serious propulsion and much stronger and more rigid building material. K'nex guns are powered by rubber bands. For comparison, take a look at a skin-diver's rubber-powered spear gun, which will usually have one to four bands made out of 3/8 inch or bigger rubber surgical tubing. I tried making my own speargun once, using regular rubber bands for power. It was wood and nicely varnished and was supposed to shoot narrow spears made from straightened wire coat hangers (to make up for the lower power.) It was pathetic, but still rather nerve-wracking with a spear loaded (it doesn't take an awful lot of force to put a nail through your foot or "poke your eye out.") It did make a really good rubber-band gun!

Well, that's a thought i.e. make a shooter out of wood and surgical tubing. Though I was rather thinking "How could I make something vaguely useful out of K'nex?" But I have no replies from the various Knex enthusiasts, so I suppose I'll have to pore through the instructables to find something suitable.

I just thought of it look for Gorkem's Sniper Rifle. That thing is strong, it shows a video of it shooting through two soda cans

Oh yeah I'll need weight, and do you have an air compressor? Thanks

I came up with something like that but its a model Besides that I would go with a tennis ball cannon or a spud gun Can I have the dimensions of the tracker and I could probaly draw something up for blueprints Thanks


11 years ago

well you should request this to mepain and perfect duck and im sure you will get somewhere!!!

Try killerk's gun, not the magnum. Its old and i actually cba with it. But its still able to shoot 200ft so it may be worth the effort.

Search this site for "KNEX", there must be 100+ guns by now? What would you achieve by pinging a bit of plasic at the back of a truck anyway? L

Oh, just for fun. Besides it would have a strong magnet and a gps tracker with it.