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Knex Shelf Answered

Hey guys,
I made a knex shelf!
I hope you like it!
If you want to build it, you can head over here for instructions!
I hope you guys like it :)


also i have way more ponies than in that pic. I don't think i have any pic of all my ponies anywhere :P

Guess why I also put ponies next to it :P



also, yes, that's a computer screen standing on the knex :P

Cool and simple! Nice job pal :-)

Long time, no see also - you remember me, right? :-p

That cough sounds bad, you might want to take some cough medicine.

Another ball machine! Heck, you work fast!

I can't wait, preview looks great!!! Looks quite high as well :-)

Yeah, well, the issue is that i have breaking tan connectors if i put balls in every single arm D:

If i leave one arm empty it is working, though :)

Yeah, I never had knex pieces break on me due to too much force xD

Haha, I had that with my ball shooter (I used too many elastics). You posted anything for the contest?

My preview:

Can you guess what it is? :D


Nah, I'm not entering the contest.

Also, a coffee machine!

Also, mine is due to, well, the motor is just fine with the load, good gearing etc, it's just that the tan connectors themself give up D:

Ahh, and no :-p Care to guess again?

Hmm, they should make metal tan clips (for these sort of problems) :-)

Knex Mixer :P

And yeah, they should. But then again, I doubt the creators ever thought somepony would make such a lift and had so much forces stuff going on :P

Something different, yay :)
Looks sturdy enough for small things, and simple. Nice
But y u no put best pony on top shelf?

Lol, because racecar :P

I was surprised by well it held myself, seeing that the orange connectors are offsetted in comparison to the grey clips, and they aren't supported otherwise.