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Knex Sidearm [Project Deviance] Answered

Hello my friends and iblers! I have one of my latest projects that I finished. I might post if I feel like it. Below are the stats that match this gun.

Very powerful
Great range 40-55 ft
Trigger is very strong
Bullet lock

Single shot


Nice!, i like the handle a lot!

I found a pistol that might be more powerful than this one and it turns out it is my old SP-60. I will do a comparison between this one and the SP-60 sometime.

Wow I underestimated the range of this gun. The real range is 50-65 ft. It beat the old SP-60. =) I might post this gun today also.

Wow, that's awesome! Nice handle, nice looks!

I'd like to see this posted ;)

Cool, but it looks like a bigger version of Zak's Little Gun.

Thanks man. I realized that while I was building it. But the internals are completely different.


6 years ago

love it! =D