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Knex Slide Action Gun Answered

i have built a knex pistol with a slide on top which also has a handle mag!! it's magazine holds white rods but it can fire any ammo. sorry the pics are dark but i couldnt use flash because my battery was so low the camera was only on for about 2 seconds. 1. Old version. 2&3. New model-with new trigger. 4. View from beneath the gun. 5. View from the rear. 6. Close up at the front of the barrel and slide. 7. The gun with the slide removed. 8. The underneath of the slide. 9. The gun with the slide removed. 10. The top of the slide. 11. Gun without the slide from the rear. 12. Back of the slide when it is removed.


Your instructables are getting a lot of hits lately :s

howw doo youu makee itt ? ?

sorry I know this is rather old but I was wondering is it alright if I post this gun? I think I could also make a modified version that has a better handle magezine that fires dark greys. The barrel wouldn't be too hard to mod so that the dark greys don't get stuck from the friction.

ok I know a lot of people had said to post this and I will but I won't without permission first.

can someone please post this!!!!!!!!!!

i built this. i did not like the handle mag so i put a new one on.

I built it cause I was tired of waiting. It is good except that it mis feeds sometimes.

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man tht is cool. i am going to try to make it from the pics

what kind of knex peices does it shoot

Hey, you gonna post this?


10 years ago

this is so AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i made it and it is excellent. also, a good ammo pusher is a light grey connector with a green rod on one clip and a red rod on the other. the red rod sticks out of the bottom and the side of the connector nearest the green rod pushes the rods up the handle.

i bulit this gun and it is soo cool

Pictures Please!

it looks VERY good... but if you wont post it b4 Wednesday i wont be able to build it until i get back from my loooong trip to south america... i will be back in 2 more months -_-.... so please if you can do it, post it fast... please :)

thanks, i will do it as fast as i can just for you. if i put up all my pictures do you think that will help you?

im not sure, i saw these pictures and still i havent figured all the interior... maybe if you make another copy of the gun and take the frame apart (still leave the interior) then ill think i will understand. just like a human head in science class, cut in the half... thanks!

good i have enough time to build then! i just still dont get the trigger... i mean, i understand how it woks but the pieces in that area are too dark... in the pics with the inside, ill need more light to see whats in there... again THANKS!