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Knex TH2BR [Mod 3] Answered

Hey knexers! I have a modification of the TH2BR here for you to see.

[Mod 3]
Just some final pics of what I have of this gun. .


It looks like a weird gun xD

Thanks. =) It was weird indeed. But there was one thing that killed this gun immensely; it was notorious for not shooting correctly. But whenever it did shoot correct, it would easily get over 80ft (the farthest it ever shot was 102 ft).

This is getting out of hand... XD

I know it was, for me; the ammo would hit the back of the scope for some odd reason every one in three shots or so.

Speaking of that, I almost got hit in the eye by one of the bouncing "bullets" a few days back. And after getting hit in the face a couple more times, I figured it would be best to let this gun rest for a bit; I might rebuild it again sometime this week.

cool, is the mod taht you moved the sight back?

Thanks. =) Its still getting modded at the time being, so check back for [Mod 3] if it ever comes.


6 years ago

looks pretty good =D