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Knex Transformers Answered

I set this forum up for people to post their own transformers pics. I am working on 2 new transformers pics and will post them here if anyone else has any there working on or finished ones that you want to post, you can put them here


easy to make Transformers

06100121.jpgtank mode.jpg21.jpg

I just posted this one.


can u pos some instructions??? i really like this modle!! its the bomb!

I only hope for two things: 1: I have enough specialized parts to create something on a larger scale. 2: My projects will be half as good as yours. The only problem is, now I don't want to take this guy apart!!!

build again and post ps dont delete ibles no matter what

I think i have about that on my Optimus I have to go check now that I am thinking about it.

well i know what you mean about not wanting to take apart your transformer to build others, I don't have any more ball joints to build new ones.

LoL, but you started off with seventy joints. I started off with twenty. And more balls than sockets.

I'm really drooling over this one... (because of it's simplicity and ingenuity). Do you have any more pictures from different angles? Or better yet, instructions? (I know this is a bit old...)

First picture of concept camero bumble bee the nest 5 picture are my new version of that toy. I was finally able to finish it when the toy came out and was put up online. This is the third version of bumble bee, It takes a few tries to get any transformer the way you want it.


Click here to see what my version of this looks like. I just made a few modifications.

impressive, but can it transform with your modifications? The picture of the modded hands aren't that clear i cant tell what you did. Also just what are the things that you modded? in case I missed them from the pictures.

Yes it still transformes perfectly, in fact, the way the hands transform help stablize the car mode a little. I'll make a better picture of the hands if you dont understand this description: in this order from the top to the bottom of a white rod is a black ball socket, then a gray connector turned 90 degrees, then a little "Y" connector 180 degrees around. there is a white rod connected to the black socket with three ball joints for fingers. I didn't add that much to it other than the hands. I just changed the head a bit and added parts to make the chest look better. You can see the mod right under the head where all the grey connectors are. I was thinking that I could print out an autobot symbol and stick it on there. I made a gun for the back of the car mode, but its only purpose is to hold the legs together for now. Later I'll make it look good and make it fire.

id like to see a better pic of the hands and i did the same thing for legs in car mode by having his gun stabalize the legs just like the toy. Also from the peice you added in the chest is interesting because i took a look at my version and your mod to the chest doesn't fit they way it does on yours.

Check out flickr again and there are more pictures there. I don't understand that last sentence you wrote, "Also from the peice you added in the chest is interesting because i took a look at my version and your mod to the chest doesn't fit they way it does on yours."

I think he means he tried to add the mod to the chest but it didn't fit.

well over all nice mods but they don't fit on the original version.

Why dont they fit? They fit on mine, and mine should be a close replica of the one in the video.

i don't know then it just seems that its slightly different i guess. For the hands how do they fold up to support the car mode? cause on mine they get in the way.

Here are some pictures. I hope they are clear enough. The end of the white connector that holds the fingers goes under the yellow rod on the leg.


it helps and with that i created a hybrid hand combing both of our designs together ill get pics so you can see what i mean, but again well done on the improvements.

first pic is the gun arm that holds the legs and yes all the pieces are from knex the next pics are his right hand, basically took your thumb and gave him the fingers from my hand

arm 1.JPGarm 3.JPGarm 2.JPGarm 4.JPG

Hiya this is my first Knex forum but ive built a few of the models and when you do sum of these gd ones post the instructions, also how do you get them to look so realistic?

well that just makes it easyer (i am dutch so i don't know english ferry well)

well thats also i good way to do it because that means if you copy the real thing correctly then you know it will work.

do you want to post it i just really like cooler than the other transformers you made. but optimus prime you made is olso ferry nice. why you don't post all your transformers

This is too cool! I actually made this from the pictures and added some extra things to it. I'll eventually post pictures.

barricade legs are stable i make sure the legs are