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Knex Update: 12/12/09 Answered

Another update.  Please answer the questions asked in the video.



Desert eagle: Change that orange connector to a yellow and add a rubberband to make it go down. It should work.

Gun after Deagle: Did you fire this gun at all?

Single shot: Looks like a combo of ZKAR/ZLG.  I thought you said you got a haircut lol.

 1. I've made the trigger kinda work before, I'm just taking it apart cause I'm tired of it.
2. Not in the video but outside the video yes.
3. Yeah I notice that it looks like some of Zak's guns.
4. When did I say I got a haircut?

1. I've already taken pictures of the insides and taken it apart.
4. Oh yeah, that whole thing was a lie, lol.

1- That's fine then.
4- That's what I thought.

He said he doesn't live in France anymore.

*sets Jollex's pants on fire*

you don't just "move" from France to the US and bring all that Knex....
Even just bringing a cat can cost over 1600$.

I moved from the US to France with all that knex...

Wow.... Must of cost a fortune, or you just didn't have much other stuff

I like the ZLG type thing. A lot.

 Thanks, I like it too, the range is great.  What do you think I should do with it? Leave it single shot or change it?

Naw, leave it single. I might make something similar once I have the time. The only thing I might suggest is changing the ammo lock, I've had bad times with elastic-type ones in the past. Yours could work fine though, I cant tell.

You could prolly post it, 'ynow.

 Yeah I'm thinking about posting now.  The only problem is that the pin keeps exploding no matter how much etape I put on.  I'm probably gonna put a nail in it.

I see.

I just made somthing very similar, I'll post photos sometime.

Singleshot should be good.
But if you want you can make it mag-fed or something.
I prefer singleshot. Thinking about posting? I really like it.
If not posting, inner pics?

 I might post just a slide show or something since it's really simple.

I'm also happy with that.
Any idea when you are going to make a slideshow?

 Once I get bored with working on it.  Probably less than a month.