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Knex War Collab? Answered

UPDATE, I now have everyone needed to start the 'ible, for those who can't find it go to:

UPDATE: I  have decided to start this abit early as I would like to have this out for christmas, failing that, new years. to all those participating, please remain impartial.

Hey guys!

I have had this idea for awhile now, what I want to do is a collaboration ible for a realistic knex war. I know jammy already did one, but I find his rules a bit unrealistic. What I want from you guys is anything related to a knex war, things like:
-choosing weapons
-rules (must be usable, like the KI ones)
-different gametypes
or even little topics like
-Tr vs Rectangle

Let me know if you are Interested.

People so far
Killer~SafeCracker - rules
Dj Radio - Types of guns (only if he is impartial)
logic boy (Me)- General tactics and the intro
Silent Assasin21 - types of guns for different environments
TheDunkis - sidearms
Hiyadudez - assault weapons
shadowninja31 - snipers and sniping
jollex - just stuff
knex gun builder - game types
The Jamalam - game specific tatics

If you want to ask me anything, feel free.



8 years ago

can i do game types???

oh! i thought that you thought i wasn't, then hiyadudez was thinking i was thinking that i was doing both thinkings, but then i knew you was thinking the right way after thinking up that comment! lol

He was joking, you have to ask Logic boy, I'm sure he will let you. Who is Seleziona to tell you what you can't do?

Sorry seleziona :-P

When, you are joking, you are joking.... god, i'm just talking to myself.....

well logic boy didnt reply once, and ignored me the other time

I have started on my page on assault riflles, check it out. Also, who is on single-shots?

I'll help. I'll be realistic and more flexible, mine was very... specific.

I put you down for game specific tactics, like what to do in a capture the flag match, is that ok?

i don't understand this topic.... What is all of this for?

A collaboration (more than 1 person works on an ible) where there are like 5-7 people working on an ible, and we can all change, edit, and modify the ible and each other's steps.

No, we are all making a ible/guide on how to do a knex war and tactics for one. You will see thwn eit comes out.

Alright I started on the Side arm section. I have other things to add like game ideas, tactics, etc. but I'm going to wait until those in charge of each section make it first so I can add it in later.

Yeah, I saw your bit, nice work! Can you check out mine? does it look good?

Why? You shouldn't be posting every time you can.

i know, lol, i was just putting comments on all of the knex topics. just seeing the glory of my name everywhere *sigh*

You know that's considered spam and being reported enough times for it especially like this would probably be enough to get you banned.

i was actually commenting "FOR REAL," Not spamming :P

It's kinda funny how none of us have put anything in the ible yet

You already have it

Like this:

You > Unpublished instructables > Collaborations > Then click on edit on the war ible.