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K'nex guns; Lower piece count, still great performance? Answered

I love building with k'nex. I've always been fascinated by the k'nex guns on this site, but all the good ones need tons of pieces. And all of the simple guns are too, well, simple! I want to build these guns so i can modify them or even re-design them myself, but i can never find k'nex where I live, and I don't have a credit card to buy online (Parents would, but don't have the money themselves). So, are there any good guns out there that can be stripped of some parts, but maintain their functionality? I'd prefer something semi-automatic, with good range, but feel free to mention single-shots too. Revolvers, pump action, and chain feds would be awesome too.

When i say stripped of some parts, I really mean bare essentials. If its not necessary for functionality, I don't want it.


Maybe try my Competitor IV? TR8 is a completely functional gun if you got the parts!

I think you would really enjoy the S2 bolt action pistol. I made it the other day and it I really like it. Shoots over 65 feet and is very reliable.

For a repeater, yeah I'd stick with the TR. You might also like my Oodassault Pistol Version 2. That was pretty peace friendly but it had black y connectors which I'm not sure if you have.

XD "Peace Friendly" lolz

It was most not peaceful when I shot things with it :P

My mind is odd... I completely missed that. O_o You could say it's a peace keeper.


3 years ago

Try the MeZak. Its a very well made oodammo pistol.


3 years ago