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K'nex guns (RBGs or Rod shooters) Answered

This forum is for anyone who can come up with an idea or can post a gun made from k'nex that works (does something) and resembles a real gun (or one from a video game)

Also, you can post ideas or pics of guns you would like to be made by me (or anyone for that matter), and I encourage anyone to post a new loading, shooting, or feeding mechanism that is new to this site- ie: my lever action mechanism, or slide-cocked rod shooter (modification of mechanism by macbeasty)

Make guns n have fun



For k'nex rbgs, it is easier to replicate a gun with a manual reloading technique (slide-locked, pump/break action etc), because I cannot find a way to make a semi-auto design that is compact enough. If anyone has one, show me please.

i just made a semi auto rbg, it uses one of the mini wheels 2 hold the rubberbands, so it can hold alot of rubberbands without jamming, pics soon 2 come

I am trying to make a Clark 15B Shotgun from Battlefield 2142. I don't think it will shoot any thing, but I am planning on making it eject shells when you use the pump. I might be able to make it an RBG, but the main feature would be the shell ejecting goodness.

never mind, the rotary magazine is nigh impossible to make.

that is not me in the pic its my friend

Well, I made a gun based off of the british L96, which is in real life and a video game, and my G16 is a combo of two real guns cause if you take of the sights, it looks like a G3, and with the sights, it looks like an m16

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I'm not too sure if crossbows apply, but I do have a pic for one i made, so let me know if i should post it.