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Knex guns aren't so bad, give them a chance! (non knexers only) Answered

This is directed at non-knexers, don't bother reading it if you're already a knexer. 

So I've been noticing more knex gun hate comments from other non knexers.  Why?  It's like us hating on hacking/modding/making/whatever it is you non knexers do.  It's no different.  If you want to complain about the number of knex guns out there, why not take a look at the number of hacks/mods/how to builds out there?  Like I said, it's no different.

Give knex guns a chance, I sure did, and I'm better off now than I would be without the knex guns.  It's helped me be more creative, it's helped me gain more rep at school (Some guys at school found my Youtube account, and they love the guns, they think it's beast mode, especially the TR vid, since then, my account has spread like a rash).

Personally, I think the reasons why knex guns are so popular here is because it's fun building and shooting them.  I consider building a gun to be half the fun, shooting it in a knex war or something is part 2, and I find something like this even more fun than say, airsoft or nerf, because of what I mentioned a few words ago.

I find it funny that most of the people preaching out against knex guns haven't tried to build or use one in any way.  That's like me saying that a certain product is bad without me trying it or anything similar to it. 

I'm not saying this to flame/critisice/hate on or whatever, I'm saying this to promote a hobby I enjoy, I'm sure you all can relate to that, right?



my personal issue with the k'nex instructibles has nothing to do with k'nex at all...i used to be a lego nerd, and LOVE any toy that let's you build something. engeneering toys are great learning tools

HOWEVER, on average the k'nex ibls are poorly structured, poorly worded, written in an almost incomprehensible text language, and overly punctuated (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!). also, 99% of a k'nex ible is "ok you need 27 yellow ones, 32 white ones, and a black one, then you put them together like in the picture"...that's not very instructional, it's like putting up a paint by numbers sheet and claiming that as an art class

if you take a look at all of the ibles on the site that are generally accepted as "the cream of the crop", you'll notice a common thread amongst them. they're well structured, well worded, and written in ACTUAL english (except for technical terms, though the best iblers explain all of those in layman's terms)

k'nex guns or miter saws or whatever aren't the problem. it's the way the ibles are posted...

At least my ibles aren't posted the way you said...

Judging an entire community from what newbs have done isn't really a good idea...

when the majority of the community are newbs...it's a pretty effective method

I guess maybe we just don't care about instructions.  I can figure out everything pretty easily.  Most of the ones with crap instructions are the ones that go ignored and nobody wants to build em anyways.

which is basically the root of the problem. the poorly written k'nex ibles are more likely to be the norm which means that a larger portion of them are poorly written than normal ibles.

and your point about not caring about instructions, that kind of says everything when you're talking about posting instructions on a site that has instruct in the name. the k'nex ibles would almost ALL work perfectly fine as forum posts instead of ibles.

if i wanted to tell you how to build an armoire from reclaimed hardwood flooring, and all i did was post a slew of pictures with the instructions "you need 12 pieces like this, and 16 like this, then some of these connector things" would you spend a large amount of time reading the ible?

also..i want to make it clear again...k'nex guns (or miter saws, or trebuchets, or whatever) aren't the problem...it's the ibles about them that bug me. k'nex and legos and other construction toys are THE BEST toys on the market, they make you think about something and use both sides of your brain when you "play" which is the BEST way to learn anything.

What you are looking at is people playing with a toy and learning. +learning internet-social skills. Asking people not to do their learning here is fine, but where else will they do it?

Lego is singular, and we should have more of it...


(I don't usually comment on K'NEX, but your argument is interesting and well-structured)

aha! correct! they are (more often than not, SHOULD be) learning a new skill by posting their guns etc.. here.  HOWEVER the post here is with regards to all the negative comments that k'nex ibles get. the negative comments come from the perceived "badness" of the target ible (at least most of the comments that i've seen) coupled with the shear quantity of k'nex ibles that get posted in any given time period. add to that the EXTREME similarity between gunA and gunB (based on the view of an outsider) and you're going to get a butt load of negative comments

it also seems as though the particular demographic doesn't particularly take the opportunity to "learn" the skill of ible posting (as a generalization). the posts continue to be more of the same no matter what negative (constructive or otherwise) comments get posted.

again...my biggest issue with the k'nex ibles (and why i just don't read them very often) is the fact that there are no instructions. which is probably due to the nature of the product (imagine telling someone how to put together a Lego set verbally, ever wonder why there are never words on the instruction booklet?). it's nigh impossible to accurately describe the construction of one of these things with words. and i get that, but the main purpose of this site is to instruct. any other project that was just a collection of photographs that said "do this, then this, then add some of this" would get JUST as many negative comments

Your classic Lego manual is "follow the pictures".
I'd guess that "follow the pictures" works with K'NEX too if they're good enough pictures?
As a place that welcomes K'NEX, the group effectively looks after it's self and is a sub-unit of the main site. This part actively "deals with" "newbs", you are aiming at the right people in taking issue here, but be careful in what you see as being wrong - it may be a difference of opinion.


well that's kind of the point of opinions, they're all different. i don't make comments on k'nex ibles (negative or otherwise). in fact i just pass them over (except for the miter saw one, and even that one i just looked at the final result pics). but the question here was "why do people always have to hate on k'nex"....i'm just giving my take on why there may be so many negative views

also...the forums are riddled with posts similar to this one, except that they're usually written in chat speak with a lot of "d00ds" and "wtfs" etc... and some "why you gotta be hatin" thrown in there. it's difficult to take someone seriously when they don't take the time to use full sentences or even remotely attempt to speak any form of a proper language (english or otherwise)... 

DJ, kudos for using full sentences and avoiding chat speak. you obviously took the time to think this out and write it effectively.

Dude... we're only kids or 13 year olds.  There's only so much we can do.

sorry but that's a non-starter for an argument. you're a 13 year old, that's fine. do you consider yourself un-intelligent? or unable to learn? or unable to formulate a thought?

there are 13 year olds in college (getting masters degrees)...i know that's a rare occurrence and it's definitely the exception not the rule, but saying "dude, i'm 13. i shouldn't be expected to do better than i am doing" is a dangerous argument to make and it will not serve you well in your future

I'm not under 13, but I'm sure that's what the average knexer would say.  For me I just try my best and leave it at that.  I can't control what others do.  I can encourage/discourage all I want but in the end the actions are up to the individuals. 

I hereby promise to never post another knex gun related comment that is anything but positive if you get 3 more people to subscribe to me.

 This reminds me of the time I tried to convince my parents to start playing Pokemon when I was eight.  I had tried to put a convincing argument that Pokemon was an educational tool in disguise (covered by cute monsters), and the strategy behind could develop mental skills no matter the age.

Then they told me that Pokemon was a children's game, and that they just weren't interested.

That's the same thing with me and K'NEX.  I don't think its bad, I just don't have the slightest interest.

K'NEX guns are popular here because:
> The site will let you post them
> The site is (adjective of your choice)-good.

People don't like K'NEX (when they do) because it all looks the same, and is also garnished with either 0.5*! or 5*! "please stop posting these" etc. A bit like music old people don't like...

I think the Instructables K'NEX community is a very good thing, but my personal interest doesn't go much further.


> A bit like music old people don't like...
.  ROFL  That sums it up pretty well

They're just overwhelming the other unique instructables. There's a reason Knex weren't(wasn't?) featured in the book.

No they aren't.  They are posted here because there are people who want to see good guns being posted.  And I thought 2 knex guns were voted into the book during the book contest.

  I would love to wok with k'nex.... problem is I can never find them at a cheapish price, I personally like them better then legos sometimes. If I could find a bunch of them, I'd buy them.

Who really cares...

Okay, I'm not a knexer and I'm posting.

Knex might be interesting, but I would have to pay for some to find out.

Yeah, yeah, call me a cheapskate (I am one), but at least I'm not bashing knex without experience.

Do you know anyone who owns knex?


8 years ago

Anybody else find it ironic that the only posts here are by knexers?

Anybody realize the fact that I don't care, as long as my target audience reads this?

I'm just saying, it's really funny.


8 years ago

Um, DJ? You put this in K'NEX, and guess what? ONLY KNEXERS HAVE COMMENTED!

Um, NYPA, if I put this anywhere else, it would end up in the Knex section anyways, and guess what? You just wasted your time.

Go away next time I promote a hobby, will ya?

How would it end back in knex? 

Mods would move it back here.

They have a thing for a topic being in the appropriate place.

But is it really in the correct place if the topic is aimed towards non-K'nexers? ;)

Mepain's right. This isn't actually having to do with K'nex itself.

Wow, you post this in knex, while saying in the title, "non knexers only".

And plus, not one non-knexer has posted here. PHALE.


8 years ago

The difference is that the "hacking/mods/how to builds" is what this site was intended for.

Did I ask for your input?

By posting a comment or a thread here you do so, understanding that others are allowed to reply to you as long as they follow the rules doing so.

Oh well, I still didn't ask for his comment.  

I didn't ask you for your 7 comments her, did I?