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Knex ideas? Answered

Please give me some ideas to make things out of knex.


Here are some ideas: Moving robot, A small ball machine, Some thing usfull like a PSP and game holder, A ww2 gun replica (Doesnt have to shoot), A cannon, A game of somesort. These are what I do to inspire me to build things! TB

Have a look at this!!!! i tryed makin a corner piece but it didnt work

The best way to find out how it works would be to take a real Rubix Cube apart.

I know how a real Rubiks cube works, but how would you make it out of knex?

You may have to make it bigger than a real Rubix Cube.

That sounds interesting but there is one flaw: How would you make it the right color? I suppose it could be spray-pianted but what's the point of doing that??

Maybe taping construction paper to each square would work, even though it would probably come off easily. Or you could find some other way to distinguish each side from the others.


7 years ago

why not try to make a chair or table... or both! :)


7 years ago

A gun disguise as a briefcase. (It's real. The CIA use it. I got it from deadliest warrior.)

Is that the FMG-9 by any chance? :P

just make a new gun or something and i read your e mail takes one to know one

a safe, gun range, a drop ride, a rollercoaster, a tower, a life size useable knex rollercoaster!!!!!(i mean a roller caoster that we can actally ride for real!!!)

try a conveyer belt


8 years ago

Aball machine that looks like an animal and comes out of the anomals mouth

Make a pump action or slide action rifle/shotgun. One with a 100% reliable mag, of oodammo. That shoots over 70 feet.

None of the assault weapons are good enough for me, or they take too many pieces, or have unclear instructions.

Oh yes there are!! I posted the BR18 (with KILLERK's permission :] )

Why dont you make a knex tower now they are very interesting!

pinball machine!!!!