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K'nex m4 carbine working modle Answered

dannys m4 carbineHI. I was inspired by dannys M4 carbine, but i was let down to hear it didnt work. So i did what i did on my knex sniper(wich wont be posted) I added a barrel and a track to the fireing pin. I'm suprised in what ive come up with. I have a removeable clip, a front hanle attachment, slug attachment that fires batteries,remember i made it after these pics.(for those who dont know what a sulg is look it up on wikipediea.com)Also i have a detachable stock(its the one from my sniper) and it has a bullpup desine. I based this off of dannys as best a i could. its not done yet because i need a trigger, but that is being looked apon. thx to danny. Should i post???


 mines better :P

Why do you want the handle removable?

with a pistol like gun flipped and where handle is you got a grenade launcher

i say to post it, the small part looks like it doesnt use to many pieces, perfect for me


11 years ago

omg uve done it!!! i never thought of changin the butt to allow a firin pin :s plz post this gun!!

heh lol. im glad you like it. When i post its not going to have a trigger, but im still trying to figure out how to build one(any help from you would be great). I'll also include more attachments than this handle.

don't use this handle, i came up with a better systerm wich will aslo be supporting many more sopmod items.

yea its kinda a crappy handle. i dont use handles but i do use my AA slug launcher, wich will be in another instructable. I use other attachments too, like tripod and other shotgun attachments, i dont like handles.