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Knex not in _ bar? Answered

Why is knex not in the bar that has the things like "kids, Green, ride, music" It doesn't make sense...


I hope this explains it for you clearly. Even though k'nex is a wapping 8% of all 'ibles, why would you put a single building material as a whole category? If so, why doesn't lego get it's own category, or even steampunk it's own category? Even I agree that there shouldn't be an Arduino category, or a computer category. The categories are meant to be a broad topic, not a single building material.

I think there should be a "Toys" Category, for items made from toys.
And I think that steampunk SHOULD be a category.

knex is only a catagory when you publish an ible, you can choose it as your ible's catagory 

I would imagine it's because knex is a single item, for example under the category "Games" you could have video games, board games, party games etc where as knex would only have knex.

Knex could have knex guns, knex ball machines, knex vehicles, knex docks.... etc.

But still the final result is just knex, I really don't think it should have it's on category. Perhaps a sub-category if anything like that every happens. And remember, if they started a category just for knex then by all fairness there should be a category for lego and usb thingys and breakfast and 555 chips and gardening and air conditioning and least we forget microwaving a potato etc. See how that list could go on?

Except there are more members who joined just for knex than any of those. Knex is already a category, it's just not in the search bar.

But k'nex is one of the biggest parts of ibles....

According to kiteman, its only like 8.? % of all ibles. But its still pretty big.

In terms of member it is, not actual ibles.

but ais there any other thing that revolves on a single toy or object? no so this is the biggest which has people grouping on it

maybe there is no points, i mean knex is not a big part of instructables

Probably because it's not as important as the other sections. They do have it in other bars on the side of the search page. Hope this helps, KSC

it still wouldn't take them much effort to have put it in when they did the whole site editing...