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Knex p90 update. Answered

Well i failed at making my p90 again, so i have a few pics of the progress i made before i broke it. these are the pics of the realistic mags and firing mechanism. if you make the full gun please give credit to me and the dunkis. (sorry for letting everybody down who was looking forward to it, and the blurry pics)


you stool a great persons idea

thank you for actually reading the intro unlike him...

working on anything else?


Alright just because it's bugging me, that's actually not a claymore fail. If anyone didn't have such a one tracked mine, they'd notice that you now have a back up claymore without needing to place a new one as soon as someone takes out the first one. It also leaves the other team unwary because they'd suspect only that one or a second one to be placed right there exactly.
That's the end of my rant.

I enjoy rants mainly because i just accuse the person who made the rant of being a troll, get into a debate and therefore i become a canibal troll

Actually people who rant are usually the victims of trolls because we usually have a point while trolls are just the idiots who think that making others mad is a legit time killer compared to doing one of the literally thousands of other things he could be doing.

i wasnt trolling, you decided to share with me the information that if the situation portrayed in the image i first posted was recreated in real life it would not be a fail, however as i saw this unnecessary to point out as it is just a game i decided to troll as from my point of veiw you were commiting an action regarded to be trolling therefore i become the cannibal troll.

I never said you were trolling. I just said I don't like trolls in general.

nor do i thats the point of the cannibal troll

nope, just got rid of my tr18, lol, do you play mw1 on the wii? if so give me your friends code and ill give you mine...

oooh, I play on the wii modern warfare 1. I'll give you my code in a private message if you wan. So, do you?

alright, but the thing is I don't know if I have a code, can you tell me how to get one?

You should be able to look at your friends list and find it in there somewhere. I'd be a good idea to save it somewhere close to you so you always have it while on the computer.
What are your guys' kill death ratios? Go to the leader boards and check kills.

mines 11763 kills to 7083 deaths... do you play mw1 on the wii?

Ugh don't feel like doing the math but you're probably just over 1.5 K/D.
Yeah I'm not playing it as much these days but I still do play it. I'm waiting for Black Ops and hoping it's much more balanced. My main account has a 2.2# K/D currently.

yep, bout that, kool so an i, whats your friends code? and whats your user name?

Have we not added yet? I could have swore posting in that one MWR thread. Well anyways that's it. I might be slow to respond to your request as I don't play as much anymore. Just leave me your code and I'll get to it eventually.

thanks! nope... mine is 512752389309! cant wait to have a game with you! also whats your killstreak? mines 28.

I don't recall. I think it was 27-28. I haven't tried going on long streaks as much. As soon as I call in a chopper I get really careless. I'm not going to earn any more kill streaks so I just turn rambo. Alright I actually just got done playing shoot. I'm going to charge the batteries a little and then I'll get back on and add you.

kool, same lol, thanks! ill be on soon

In one game I got 25 kills and 7 deaths. Can you figure out what that is?

Yeah, my average match...
Seriously, that's about a 3.5 for just one match.
But in case you were hoping to brag about it, that's actually a fairly modest score for the people who are pretty good at the game.The Wii version is more imbalanced in the ways of scores. The newbs will have a harder time getting used to it but the "pros" will do better than they could ever on the other consoles.

Wasn't trying to brag, and I was playing a different game, I thought K/D ratio would be the same across all FPS games.

go on mw1 online and add a friend, it will show ur code at the bottom left

nope i got ps3 and i play waw now

Here are the pictures for my horizontal magazine concept. Maybe someone could figure out how to use it.


I didn't want this, I wanted the one with the hopper. I think as long as it looks realistic it doesn't have to work like the actual gun.

ok, i just needed more of a challenge, i also agree, its too over complicated...

Challenge? I'd rather take a simple design that shot well over a complex design that shot like sh*t.

Then build a gun made for that. The point of a replica is to be as close to the real thing as possible. A hopper doesn't do a P90 justice. One has yet to be made with a real magazine which I know would be possible but people like you worry about practicality too much that we never get things done as far as turning innovation into practical ideas.

KGB already built that. And didn't lostpuppet99 or somebody with that name build one with a real magazine already?

A removable horizontal magazine? I never recall seeing one. It's why I was going to collaborate with knex gun builder in the first place on this new one.

There was one with a removable horizontal mag, but it wasn't a good shooter.

You still have to appreciate the effort put into it though.

ok, i didnt test the range, so i dont know what it shot like

Well shoot. Hopefully someone else will be willing to take over. I can offer better pictures of my magazine if anyone wants them.