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K'nex replica gun building compation Answered

ok this is a compatition to get some new guns out there that look like the real thing not just a made up gun the gun may not already have an instuctable posted. if it is a slideshow or anything else it is fine. guns are permitted to use any fire machanism the builder wishes as long as it consists of either knex peices, rubber bands or springs there will be three main catagories 1. side arm (anything under 30cm) 2. secondary weapon (anyting between 30cm-60cm) 3. primary weapon (anything over 60cm) there will be three winners in each catagory! the one gun could win all three or they could be all diiferent guns the tree catagories are 1. how much like the real gun it looks 2. how far it shoots 3. how accurate it is at 15.ft 20.ft and 25.ft


I made a gun.....

FAMAS gun with the magazine behind the handle.


9 years ago

How do I enter?

just post you gun and in the description mention its for this compation and then post a link to it in a comment


10 years ago

I don't actually see the point of a competition without a prize. Then it's just a measure of skill.

As soon as I finish that Styer, I will enter and take over the world. Muahahaha.

why not original?

normally this is a contest I would dominate at. Maybe not win but dominate for sure. However I don't feel like entering. Plus my big contest already has a best replica category.