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Knex semi auto pistol. Answered

This is oodalumps new semi auto gun. it fires about 25ft max and has a 8 round turret. you can also put an 18 round turret on aswell. i built it in metalics because it looks cooler. i also slightly modefied it. let me know what you think! (i give oodalumps 100% credit)


I'll probably have instructions up this week.

What about Mepain's version that doesn't have that bit on the front?

People can modify theirs if Mepain wants to share that one. I'm posting instructions right now.

So I'm guessing he doesn't feel like posting pictures of it?

ok, cool..... btw, its pretty reliable now

lol, it took me ages to get that photo =D

no prob! the front ends of it kinda remind me of a snowmobile


7 years ago

i knew you would post a gun sometime. even though it isn't really yours. =)

lol =D p90 v2 next

Nice. I'm waiting for hiyadudes or knexfreek, I can't remember, to tell me if a could use one of there ideas for a telling of of what his next creation will be.

Awesome man. COuld you please show pics of the mechanism? I can't figure it out from ooda's thread!

It also looks like a brute spiker from Halo. (- the turret)

Thanks!yes, ill get one later and post it on you OB

You mind doing a couple of pics of the turret connection as well? I can't really see it...

I would like to get to work on making it more compact.

Think you could get them up tomorrow morning?

probably, im off for the summer after my last 3 hours test 2moro

I just noticed, you got rid of the ratchet?

OOda posted a picture in the comments of the ratchet

Did you? Any way, if you put a cowering on top of the turret, it will be a spiker

My face when I posted a thread about this before you and got 1 reply.


7 years ago

I can't see how it works:(
Is it a sort of hammer-thingy?

Could you post basic instructions?

i might, or ill just post a pic of the mech.