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K'nex show and tell Answered

I was hoping to use this forum topic to post discussion and pictures of all K'nex projects I am working on. Feel free to post you own ideas and pictures so we can work on our projects together further advancing the K'nex community. My hope is that this will be a productive active forum to encourage and push the community to get better and continue to grow.

If you want to discuss more about K'nex jump onto KI chat introduce yourself be patient and if your lucky you may get to discuss your build with your friends and others in the community use the link below!


new firing pin and updated trigger for all interested. The new firing pin is the longest lasting pin I've ever built

I'm working on a longer lasting more consistent firing pin I may have got one figured out. I'm testing it by repeatedly shooting the gun with and without ammo to compare signs of wear to previous firing pin designs. Over the course of time the pin I gave you will wear out due to the band pressure. I'm working on extending the pins life by 3x or more.

so far so good I'll test it out more this week shoot it hundreds of times and continue to test it out. So far do good. I has little to no wear after over 100 shots and is yet to fail. Which is an improvement over previous designs which after that abuse did tend to wear it down a bit and begun to show wear.

I'll get a video or pictures up tomorrow if testing continues to show promising or continued good results

I've been experimenting with different ammo types for indoor or close range guns. I still want it to shoot a min of 100 ft but it doesn't need to shoot 250+ft as my TR8 with fin ammo does. That sort of range is overkill and not needed in a indoor close quarters fight. Velocity of the projectile, short range accuracy, and ROF, is more importanthan than pure range and long range accuracy in the close quarters setting. Oodammo is a good round has good close range velocity bit is limited inaccurate over distance and breaks easily upon impact of the firing pin or even the wall or target it impacts. After lots of testing the round of choice that meets the above requirements and holds strong is a blue clip and green rod attached. In tests with identical power and conditions the blue con green rod ammo out ranged, had equal to or better initial velocity, better accuracy, and held up better upon impact than oodammo or any other round I tested to date. I plan on making and indoor weapon to shoot this ammo type no saying how long it will take me to produce a final product but designs and ideas are in the works. I'm excited to work on other aspects needed in a war setting specifically an indoor setting

Basically the smaller the ammo, the less energy it takes to accelerate it, the faster it will fly out, usually the farther it will fly. However, it takes the ability to fly through the air without disruption, else green rods would theoretically be best. I can imagine blue clips help give just enough weight to keep them stable? The only problem is that they're still rather small and easy to lose in an indoors setting. And they're a misc piece, so I don't know how practical this would be for the everyday K'nexer, but it still sounds interesting, so I look forward to whatever you got coming that isn't -as- focused on range.

Also, curious, have you tested white rods with fins? They'd be pretty neat, like little darts. I imagine you tested different rounds with fins before, but did you go this small?

working on a few ideas finishing my TR8-2014 for the war! Got bunches of ideas little time to work on em excited to see everyone's builds and get some inspiration

K'nex black rods on sale only 0.26 cents each at knex.com normally they run for $1.26 each! I just purchased 100 great time to pick then up also they are selling all there parts for 25% off and free shipping on larger orders go pick yours up today!


4 years ago

I made tons of videos unf.

Here's one:


Dude! Do you have any pictures of that pump action one? I want to make it!

I fail to see how the trigger works on that one.


4 years ago

I made something disgusting.

absolutely disgusting.jpg

What in the world is it?!?!?!?! I see magazines but it looks too........unique....o.0


4 years ago


love it can't wait to build! And check out the stuff your bringing!

Testing some TRs


cool video. Lotta variables that would affect the outcome of the shots including ammo inconsistent flight due to oodammo, ammo holder, rubberband age strength and use, ammo bounce in grass, just to name a few not to mention only 1 shot each. But still cool to see the guns


4 years ago

Bibbidi bobbidi boo!


new band placement makes everything better easier to replace and easier on the mech. Also reinforced the ammo catch just a bit by using the yellow cons on the outside to squeeze the connection of the blue rod tighter


My final product! It's pretty DAM awesome! Directional, Aimed, Mine aka DAM! Looking toward to making a video and instructable soon! Be on the lookout for my DAM K'nex mine! Just a few stats... Uses 30 size 64 rubber bands to shoot 50 pieces up to 100ft at the slightest pull of the trip! I really had a lot of fun with this build I hope everyone that gives it a try will too! Big thanks to JonnyBGood for inspiring the design of the stand. I was able to use his idea and turn it into this great stand with 5 adjustable angles for different angles of attack depending on range of intended target and ground terrain or angles. All around this is an incredibly fun weapon to add to the arsenal.


latest stand! Smaller better than ever!


might like using the black hinge pieces like this I'm not sure.... Hard to say what I like best


working on the stand JonnyBGood inspired


http://youtu.be/KQ-mqbAUzLQ I am currently using the mine without the spacers used as rollers. The structural reinforcement to the trigger area is the same but no spacers and the orange con front like the original. The advantage is that it holds the new trip on the solid support bar part of the orange cons on the trip. The nice thing is it holds really well but once slightly pulled it springs out cause the connector opening part of the orange con is squeezed or compressed out. Anyway pics later once the stand is further along.

here it is the latest variation of my mine. Roller slip trip and reinforced trigger area! Shoots well in testing a bit of a pain to load but I'll take a vid showing the trick. Still working on a stand but the mech is working better than ever. Gotta continue testing it out. The trip holds strong but trips easy. Much better than previous variations.


I took a week or so off from building but today found some time to work on some concepts. I left my K'nex mine project on hold just cause I was getting frustrated trying to perfect it. I was having a hard time finding the perfect balance of the trip holding strong but setting easily at the slightest touch. I had a few semi successful variations but was never really satisfied being a perfectionist I kept trying. I have a few ideas that I am now experimenting with and I plan on posting pics up tomorrow! The new trip and body design so far seems to hold strong and yet trip easy. I have more testing still to do and loading is a bit more problematic than the last variation but I figured it out and it seems to work pretty well. Like I said I'll have pics soon and I'm sure a video within the next few days. Not to give it all away but it uses rollers and a reinforced body design near the trigger mech. I'm excited to continue with testing.

well this is my latest trip wire idea not fully tested I've only just begun testing but so far it works very well. It holds better than the previous version but under the high tension of 30 bands trips very easy. The main reason this is possible is because the orange con acts as a lever to pry the trip straight out even when tripped on funny angles. The center 1 slot con is the only con holding like the original trip clip side inward. The rest of them have the rounded side facing in to makes them hold yet slide out spurt easily. The design seems to work well. I plan on using tan clips in place of many of the blue cons so don't worry about using too many excited to experiment some more tomorrow after work!


I've made two mods to mine. First, I've made a new trip wire mech which is a bit harder to pull out, but it is much more stable (Pics 1&2). Second, I remade the back side and added a door. This makes loading it up a hell of a lot faster and easier. I tried a bunch of speed-loaders but nothing has seemed to work so far (Pics 4,5,6,&7). At first, i thought this would possibly make the body less stable,but it can still hold 28 bands with ease. I added a pretty simple little latch mech at the base so the door stays in place. Tell me what you think!


I like the trap door idea I'm not sure if I'll integrate the idea or not into my design just for stability reasons but I'll experiment with the idea. Very cool! In terms of the trip I experimented around with several variations including one very similar to the one you have pictured. The reason I went with mine is because of how light and easy it is to trip from any angle including sideways which is how someone walking by woukd trip it. The design you've shown held too tight on anything other than a straight pull. I has to be a very light trip to guarentee it works every time. I spent a few days working on how best to design the trip so I built probably 20 or more variations. Very cool to see you built it! How is it working for you? Are you happy with the power and grouping?

the latest 5 layer mine! Shoots 50 pcs 50ft!


Not too bad bro! To be honest, I can't see how this would be used in either an outdoor or indoor war, but at the same time, it is fun to play around with! You did good!

Some recent variations I'm trying out. 1st pic is the red connector holding the black rod in place better. 2nd pic safety out mech open. 3rd pic overview with safety in.


last pics were all turned around for some reason


This is my K'nex mine/claymore in progress. It uses an old concept and ramps it up to shoot 50ft+ You can view the video on YouTube on my account the video is called K'nex mine prototype. The mine includes a working trip wire and safety. The trip is super light. The final mine will include a collapsible stand incorporated in the design and a few more barrels for more shots set off at the same time once tripped. I'm planning on having it shoot at least 50 K'nex 1 slot purple/gray connectors. Be on the lookout for this mine and other fun projects to come! By the way use fishing line or a less obvious trip wire I only have the string in the pictures for demonstration purposes only figured it would show up better in pics.


I also have to work on adding an extension to the bottom to better support the firing pin once 15 rounds are loaded up right now it works best with 10 due to the lack of support currently. With 15 rounds per barrel even 2 or 3 would be a lot of K'nex shooting out at once when tripped! Excited to test out the finished product!

04/11/2014 yesturday I began working on am old concept and was messing around with the idea. I have worked on the idea in the past but didn't continue on with the idea. I believe it has a lot of potential. I will be posting a video tonight on YouTube and even some pictures here to show off a working K'nex mine "claymore" concept including a safety and trip wire! I think this concept has potential and I plan on working on it more in the future. I may have pics up before 8pm eastern time and a video after. Be sure to check back!

I posted a new uptube video on my TR8 instructable. It is an overview of the gun as is with all the updates since the ible was first posted in July of last year. go check it out!