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Knex viking ship- v2 Answered

Knex viking ship- v2


I think your forward-back motion is great, but oars would go in forward-down-back-up-forward ect. ect.


8 years ago

Looks great! A mast would be good though. And perhaps a cannon (doesn't have to be real), and a less blocky hull :-)

I am still working on the mast, I want this to be 100% knex, so Im going for a mast from knex. Ive got the basic shape and idea, but Im making it now.

Can anyone suggest any new improvments for v3?

Put K'nex block trigger cannons on the side?Life boat's?Then block trigger cannons at the front....Idk,That's all I can think of........

Change it so when one side of the paddles are towards the front the other side is at the back

If you have enough pieces, you can replace the blue-7 slot connectors with black or white snowflakes. And then also replace the blue rods with more snowflakes (7 slot connectors).

That should make it more solid.

Thats all I can think of.

Add sails? Viking boats had sails and oars no?

It has oars, and yes, I am working on the sails at the moment.


8 years ago

Go mini viking dude's!


8 years ago

This is very cool!