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Knex viking war ship- v1 Answered

Knex viking war ship, the historic art of Knex.

Well, to be honest, I don't really know where I came up with this idea, but it came to me in a flash.
The designs pictured are just prototypes, but right now I am working on a way to get all of the paddles on either sides to move back and fourth at the same time (any suggestions or help would be appreciated)/

Anyway, tell me what you think, and remember, this is only v1.


 OMFG you really got much knex

Not bragging or anything... but that is only about 1/20 of my Knex.

On the sides of the ship you have the row of yellow connectors and white rods. Lift that up by using white rods instead of green. On the new white rods put  orange connectors on and add the paddles to them. Hook them all together on the inside and when you put a rod or whatever they will all move. I hope you understand that. :-)

Yeah, I get what you mean. I've actually already started on that idea, its just a case of getting it working, but right now I'm making the sail :-)

Hmm... it didnt work, let me try again...

Hiya dude! Can you post more pictures of the v2 so I can build and if you want post? Thanks in advance.



You know what, if you want to post, go ahead, post. But made v3.

Thanks, althugh you don't have to post it, Hiyadudez.

Check this out! Also, dont build it, I will be posting soon, well once its perfect (in about 3 days)

And can you make it use a different motor?

I have tried the clear motor with battery pack, but its hard to attach, maybe i will try again tonight.

I can't reply to your other comment... Well yah I already sow that vid post it soon!


8 years ago

pretty cool!

Thanks. Although, v2 will be really cool!

looks pretty decent.....

Reminds me of a fire nation ship.