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Knex voice chat Answered

download the client : client
register : register
after installing, log in
then click Voice
then go to the bottom and click Add
then click " by searching "
and search for knexpert then add to public servers



i would but theres 2 thing i wont like about that i CANT stand squeaky voices and im not on that much

No i wasnt taking about you i was saying that b/c alot of the people in the videos on this site do.

its not its the 9-11 year olds that have the squeaky voices

Ill be sure to join later.

But, mind my high-pitched voice. I hate to use my Rock Band mike, so for some reason, its transfers my voice to either really high, or low.

lol I know a lot of younger people build with knex but c'mon I know most of them are starting to become teenagers. Go through puberty already dangit!!

You really hate people with high voices don't you? Lol.

It's a maturity thing...Once you get to a certain age you just "don't think kids should be doing ______" I don't know why it just happens to most people here lol. By the way sorry I haven't been on MSN but yeah word might have gotten around...My main computer got spyware.

Yeah I heard, I missed you ;) Lol, anyway, I built Jammy's pistol, modded it abit and it has insane power! You should build it!

Oh yeah and my hatred for Michael Jackson...except for Beat It ...That's ok lol.

he still needs to have sexed in his primary school.

zexual education..............

Oh, sex ed. Lol, I thought you meant he still had to have sex in his primary school for a moment!

lol dont we all wish for that... actually no, no we dont :|

Well, I wouldn't admit to it here if I were you.

Can't someone just set up a teamspeak server?

I could download and set up the Server if people really want me to.

That would be much easier for me since I already have teamspeak downloaded. I don't know if it costs or not though.

crap I have a mac!

HAHAHA mac, *wipes tear from eye*

i thought you said you had a bigmac..

Pretty cool I'll have to download after school. By the way why didn't you just edit your other thread? You can change all the text including the title so that you don't have be like killerk with each update...

Alright I have to wait until my parents take my little sis to dance then I'll download and get on.

Mkay guys just search up thedunkis to add me.

:-0 My squeaky voice will never be heard!


9 years ago

I joined.