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Knex wars? Answered

I remember reading about Nerf guns once, and there was a site called "Nerf Haven". It was a pretty popular site and they would have "Nerf wars" a couple times a year. In these wars they would get together someplace and just play with their Nerf guns. So I was thinking "Why not do this with Knex?".

So who thinks this could be a possibility for the future? People could go to show off their creations, compete in contests, but the main reason to go would be to have a Knex war. It would also be a great way to answer some questions like:

Are MGs worth the long reload?
Are powerful single shots or guns with magazines better?
Do tiny guns have a place in battle?

Tell we what you guys think, maybe this could be the future of Knex guns =P



I two live in in America unlike almost every one here but i think it is a great idea to have knex wars .... maybe a knex tournament . we could all meet somewhere over summer or on a weekend and rent  an area to play. their will be multiple teams.

Well since it would cost a lot to rent a warehouse I say we should... == BUILD OUR OWN ARENA XD ==

i have 12 friends who are knexers and we have a war once a month, i think it is great because i can test out my newest guns. recently i feild tested my new sniper and found that it was far too long (the one I will be posing is half the length) as for your questions: mg's are good but i prefer to have pre-loaded belts of 30-50 bullets that way it is easier to reload a powerful single shot is only good for a sniper tiny guns are only good for close quarters fighting.

Dang, I can't find anyone around where I live that builds k'nex guns.

it was as tall as i am and I'm about 1.7 meters tall. it owned up when i was outside and sniping but as soon as i went inside it was completely impractical

Make something so you can carry it on your back, it should be no problem anymore. Anyway, post the long version, ppl can always mod it to make it shorter. PS: Could you also post your rifled pistol that shoots 100 feet? Bcause noone will believe you if they can't see it for themselves.

my friends banned it as well as my machine gun, I can talk about it here but I cannot put up any pictures or a movie or anyting else.
they think they're "too powerful" and if I do put up pictures i get banned from our next 3 knex wars ='(

Sigh... You don't have to use those uber powerful knex guns in wars, just use them for fun! And why cant you post any pictures btw? Sorry to say this logic, but since you ever told me about your pistol a very long time ago, I keep finding your statements about your guns quite unlikely. You say your pistol reaches 100 feet, and then you post the bad one that fires 40 feet! So be honest. Is it all true what you say about your knex guns? PS: I am trying to be nice to you, but I also want stats, ASAP. If you reply with "are you calling me a liar?" I would say: "I am asking you if you are a liar or not. So it is partly true."

soory i havent been able to reply I had a mountain of homework and had no time for the computer. as for my guns, they are on a "banned" list with some of my friends guns, but i can tell you this about my mg- I was extremely dissapointed with all the mg on this sight having an average range of 5 meters, so I built 50 killerk pistols and mounted them on a chain, and built a machine gun. the result has only been used once in a knex war, I used sniper rods and I "killed" everybody at least 3 times in an all on all match, it left welts and my firends decided to implement a list of "banned" guns for our wars, these guns are allowed to be talked about on sites like this but no pictures or full descriptions are allowed. some other banned guns are my pkp100 a pump action scattergun and a pump action slingshot. also the pistol that did fire 30 meters is a heavily modified version of the one I posted, also I was firing inside with only one shot loaded

Ok, sounds cool, but I still don't understand why you can't post it. Sure, if you use an MG like that it's not fun anymore, but then there are other people that just wanna use it for fun! (people like me) Oh, and can you tell me more about your shotgun and pump-sniper? PS: Sorry that I blamed you, 100 times excuses. You are not a liar, not at all.

the shotgun and pump sniper arn't mine they are just other guns that we have banned, also it wasnt hard to make the mg although it used most of my pieces-think about it 50 killerk pistols. also the main reason they have been banned is that they could seriously hurt someone, just think about bein hit y killerk's pistol from 3 meters away, the think about bein hit by up to 50 in unison, also in our wars we can only use guns we made ourselves so if I had my mg its not really fair

Sorry, but are you going to reply anytime soon or are you just pretending you didn't saw my comment before? I'm sorry if this may sound rude, I am a big fan of the be nice guideline, but please tell me the truth! I don't care if your guns suck or not, but at least don't lie anymore!

a knex sniper can never be achieved thats why the above statement works

You should host a war in your area and invite Knex people from online.

No. Knex knives could hurt people. Instead, if you are wearing a very powerful sniper or something, and if you are at close range, you must softly tap the person standing in front of you with the tip of your gun. Or, alternatavely, switch to a less powerful sidearm.

...most of you guys livi in the usa, britain or the netherlands so i dont think that would work, unless you have a portal to somewhere else?

You don't feel like telling me? Ah well, in that case I can't help you out then...

Well, that would be my dream.

I think It would be cool, but there would be a lot of hard-to-solve issues like "whos paying for 1098431608975610 knex rods to use as ammunition?" or "How come there is only 20 knex gunners in the world?"

I can see some problems with it. but it would be incredible. i think there should be awesome obsticles like trees and walls and multiple-storie buildings. Sweet!

I personally never think that its possible, but if anyone pulls it off, be sure to let me know.

(sorry for the long comment)

unlike airsoft and paintball, the ammunition for knex guns are re usable. you can always take ammunition from the other side/team and use it. dont whine how it wont fit, just feed the ammunition from the front

also unlike airsoft and paintball (well actually if you can find them you could or at least I reuse bbs if they aren't scratched) there arn't that many people at all. I doubt more than 5 at the most knexers live in the same town. I can guarintee I'm the only knex gunner in my town except for anyone I have shown my hobby too and even then they only made like a simple gun and then quit. I would argue that it should be against the rules to pick up other ammo because then you have a dodgeball situation-wait for them to run out of ammo, pick it up, then storm them with their own ammo then you would have to retreat while they did the same.

Yes, that is a Big snag. I only know one other knex'er in Canada, And he Lives down my street and is pretty much my best freind.

I_am_Canadian, I'm a Canadian too! :D Anyways, it would be hard to get a bunch of Knex'ers in one place, and the ammo issue is pretty big. I don't really think this could work.

indoor wars would work methinks. If you could rent a gym for a few hours and get enough people, I think it could work.

Hey your back! I doubt you'll post your cannon/crossbow :P :(.

Oh, I will...... I will..... Its currently undergoing further improvments and a huge power upgrade. oh and while we are on the subject, do you have any ideas for a good sight that has not been done before? Thanks.

Goody, even though I won't be able to build it properly since I don't have enough pieces, I will build something of it :D. About the sight, how big are you wanting, Are you wanting precision, or just for good looks?

Can't say that I have even began, to be honest, I think you would end up making a much better one than me.

Ok. Im really short on ideas, thats all :-( Thanks anyways.

Its ok, I just came up with a decent one. Its kinda funny, its prettymuch the handle from the dd-27 upside down!

Meh, Works good, looks good. It can be big, though....

man where did that map go for where all the knex people lived. I want to see where exactly the biggest group of people live.

or when we have a decent machine gun, we can get " support gunners" that have plenty of ammo to share

yeah but full auto guns are a very mature technology. There is pretty much no way to invent a full auto concept that doesn't include a rubber band per ammo or a motor (or crank but to me that doesn't qualify as a "true" full auto) I had an idea for a gun that had the rubberbands loaded on the ammo and then those would be loaded to drop with the ammo so it was like chain gun except you didn't need little guns but it's a little hard to make a good design so I ditched the idea. Unless we think of a new explosive substance that we can put on knex there is just no hope.

BakenBitz full auto uses 1 band but is not powerful, i have an idea for a rotation feed Gattling Gun that uses a Magazine when the original ammo drum runs out.

I mentioned that... I want to go for not using a motor as by the time the motor is acutally considered good it will be pricey and not too many people would want to buy it.

Seeing that there's a discussion about this now, I'll put in my opinion. What makes Knex pieces different from paintballs? Everybody brings their own and you shoot them from your guns. The difference with Knex is that durring a battle, you can pick up pieces when you run out; and after every battle or so, you can have people walk around and grab the pieces off the ground. Then we split the pieces up according to what kind and how many people brought.