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K'nex: why have they got it so wrong? Answered

Lego used to be great, but now all I see it "special bricks," you know, things like the plane sets! I mean, you may as well have one big brick in the shape of a plane. Anyway, I was on the K'nex site to buy some parts for the SRv2 after watching Lowney's video (was a bit sceptical of the 500ft claims at first but was sold after seeing the vid) and I wanted one of those big tubs. BUT SHOCK HORROR! These tubs no longer exsist: they are full of stupid "Knex Bricks" and "Knex People" and "Flexi rods" and "plates". Who needs them? All I need is a tub with basic bricks. And dont even get me started on the car sets. So why did they go down that route? It sucks.


First off killerk most likely gets his knex off knex.com you can buy them in different colors like killerk does. As for why they started with the stupid knex bricks and minipieces is most likely that they couldn’t compete with the Lego Company. All of my friends always played with legos until I told them about knex. Hope this answers your question.

to be honest, the only good thing about knex bricks is that when you make a gun with it, when they say semi automatic, they MEAN semi automatic. or is that just with lego?

K'Nex isn't in the business to cater to 200 people who are upset about K'Nex's new products.

Besides, why don't you just mix the K'Nex bricks in with the Legos and use them that way (if you build with Legos)?

Next thing, why are you making such a big fuss about them when you can just go to eBay and find plenty of things?

And lastly: it's about marketing.  K'Nex is targeting the younger age group more than the older, and they have about 10 million supporters.  If you're that upset about K'Nex making that change, and you think the existence of bricks and flexi-rods (which are used commonly in SS-style roller coasters, mind you) is some kind of voodoo curse, then just stop building with K'Nex altogether.

obviously, knex is a selfish buisiness. i totally agree with you. i hate the new peices!!! well, besides the flexie rods!!! i think they should have a poll on their site and see if many people like the new pieces.

the only guys who like the new pieces are querty2008 and little kids.


Yeah, although it would be interesting to see I_Am_Canadian's cannon in MICRO knex...

I think because it would be very easy to lose them as they would barely be a millimeter long.

flexie rods = mega comfort! lego bricks = hell annoying to put together, and suck so much i just wanna melt it into a mold into rods!


The reason why there are knex bricks now is because the patent on lego has expired.

Yeah, I found out that Lego had about 30 possible teeth mechanisms (the things that hold the bricks together) and they couldn't decide which was best, so they patented ALL of them lol. I guess that also shut the door on everyone else...

I HATE THE BRIX! I got a car set, and it had bricks, and i threw up!

They are trying to compete with lego, mechano etc., but failing. By releasing all these new parts, they are trying to get the public interest because the bricks are "compatible with legos", the people are for vehicles and stuff, and the micros are just for kids and people scared of big models. The flexi rods and the plates are quite useful, particularly in ball machines. They allow for bends and baskets respectively. Flexis make guns look better when used in the right places, and plates just make it easier to fill in a gun. As for buying them, Killer~SafeCracker has already done that for you.

Knex just makes micro parts and bricks so they can use less plastic per tub, while still saying it comes with 400, 300, or however many parts.